• Tarasov and Kostenko love a dog more than a child, say Hayter

    All the fault was another family photo of Dmitry and Anastasia.

    As they say, everyone sees what he expects to see. Someone in the picture, shared by Tarasov and Kostenko in their Instagram on the eve, saw only a happy family evening: husband and wife warm themselves by the fireplace, my beloved daughter of Milan and Labrador Tara peacefully snuff near. What could be more beautiful? Such an evening is, in fact, a dream that many people are striving for. But someone paid attention to very different things, namely that the newborn lies farther from the spouses than the pet ... And then it began in the comments.

    Publication from (@ kostenko.94)24 Sep 2018 at 3:05 PDT

    “Well, yes, the dog is closer to the child ... Cool priorities have been placed on the photo!” - wrote Anastasia. “The authors of such ridiculous comments will be sent to the ban!” She strictly replied.And really, why go to someone else's page to keep a negative on it? Moreover, it is absolutely not understand the situation. Perhaps, at this moment the daughter sleeps sweetly, and the parents have the opportunity to spend some time only with each other. Well, with a faithful dog next to - you can not drive him away. And even if Milana does not sleep, then, judging by her position, she more than calmly observes her mom, dad and their four-legged friend. Perhaps it is this picture that soothes the baby. Yes, anyone who has or is dealing with infants knows: just because you can’t put them anywhere; if in this photo the arrangement of participants is such, it means that it was necessary for maximum comfort of the girl.

    Kostenko was also embarrassed by tactless questions about whether she was in the position again. The model holds the hairy paw in such a way that it merges with her combination, which is why it may seem as if her belly has grown. Here is one of the subscribers just about the pregnancy and asked. “Why do you think you have the right to ask this question?” Asked the owner of the account. Immediately, a stormy discussion ensued, where other fans assured that since she was a star, she was almost obligated to answer anything they would ask.“An absolutely crazy question, even for a person who exposes his joy,” she explained. But the fans were not appealing.

    “This question about replenishment is never pleasant! As the person who has broken into your bedroom is never pleasant. Believe me, if you are close, the future mother will want to tell you herself, ”she explained again. But the fans were unstoppable. “No, this is a tactless question. A girl is a completely alien person to me, and she certainly doesn’t need to possess this information. Why is the entire pregnancy of the child not visible to anyone? (Ultrasound does not count.) Because no one needs to know about the little one (is he, is there a boy or a girl, etc.). The fact that I very rarely share what I have in my head does not give a reason to ask arrogant questions. A public person or not, he does not cease to be a man of this, ”said confused Kostenko.

    But the fans still did not agree, recalling her video from childbirth. Although this is a completely different thing, it is not easy to convince.

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