• Tableware is the best gift for a woman

    With the approach of March 8, the holiday of women and spring, the question of gifts rises sharply. Postcards, flowers and sweets have already become a traditional thing, although, undoubtedly, pleasant. Of course, you can congratulate your friends and colleagues. And you can make the gift ideally combine practicality with originality and at the same time associated with a purely feminine form of activity. One of these gifts is considered dishes. However, it is not so simple.

    What you need to focus on when choosing a tableware

    In fact, it's not so easy to please a woman with dishes, as it seems: some of them even compare her purchase with the purchase of underwear, with the only difference that in the first case this process is even more intimate, because the dishes are purchased for themselves, and underwear is for a husband. In addition, there is a prejudice that dishes are the destiny of housewives, but with the proper approach it is easily debunked, and the dishes themselves become a desirable thing.To do this, you need to know a few rules:

    1. If a woman lives with a donor under the same roof (mother, daughter, wife), saucepans and other general purpose items, do not make her happy: take it for granted. But from the gift, designed personally for her, for example, some exclusive personalized cups, she will be delighted.
    2. If a woman does not live near the donor, the task becomes more complicated: you have to remember whether she loves to cook and what she loves. If the sphere of her interests is baking, a baking dish with a non-stick coating is suitable as a gift, if salads are a set of salad bowls, etc.
    3. If a woman does not like to cook, she also will not do without dishes, as it does not do without food. In this case, one has to make a start from her culinary tastes. If she likes Italian, French or Indian cuisine, then a set with ethnic design will suit her as a gift. Coffee lover will be pleased with coffee maker, tea - a teapot and a set of mugs.
    4. If this woman is completely unfamiliar, she can be given an exclusive item that has a neutral value, such as a beautiful vase or candy.

    Thus, with a skillful choice of dishes suitable for any woman, especially since its range in modern stores is diverse. You can make sure of this, at least by going on the request for "tableware souvenirs in bulk." Refined crystal is always relevant, dishes with non-stick coating are in great demand. of course, faience and porcelain. A great gift will be a set of silver or gilded spoons of different sizes.

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