• Swollen finger: how to remove the ring?

    It so happens that suddenly a person with horror realizes that he can’t take a ring from his finger, which was quite easily removed before.

    If a similar misfortune happened to you, do not try to pull the ring off with a finger with a jerk - so you only damage the skin and small blood vessels, causing the swollen finger to swell up even more, but rather use our advice.

    How to remove the ring if your finger is swollen

    First steps

    Finding that you can not remove the ring from your finger, do not panic. Perhaps your fingers are just slightly swollen, this often happens on hot summer days or after hard physical work. Try to calm down, raise your hand above your head and sit in that position for a quarter of an hour. After that, try to remove the ring, as if swinging it from side to side. Perhaps by acting in this way, you will be able to move the ring off the ground. If it goes, loosening the ring and moving it in short reciprocating movements, you can remove it from the swollen finger.

    Grease use

    If the ring categorically refuses to leave the "familiar place", go to plan "B". Thickly smear a finger with petroleum jelly or vegetable oil, try to turn the ring so that the fat gets under it, and while holding the ring with a linen napkin (so that the hand does not slide off the metal), try to remove it from the finger. You need to remove the ring not just by pulling it off your finger, but by rotating it around it. This way the ring will spiral and come off much easier. Instead of oil or vaseline as a lubricant, you can use shampoo or thick soap suds.

    Insect bite swelling

    If an edema of the finger is caused by an insect bite, before attempting to remove the ring, take some antihistamine, such as Tavegil or Claritin, and wait until the allergic edema subsides, and then try to remove the ring.

    Removal of the thread with a strong swelling

    If, despite all your tricks, the ring remains on your finger and causes serious discomfort, proceed to more radical actions. Take a meter-long piece of thin and slippery thread (silk or nylon) and a thin sewing needle.

    1. Thread the thread into the needle.
    2. Put the eye of the needle under the ring, but proceed very carefully so as not to prick. Push the needle through and thread the thread behind it.
    3. Leave a small tail of the thread from the side of the hand, and stretch a large part of it to the nail. Now wrap your finger around this free end.
    4. Begin to wind the thread close to the ring, arrange the threads in even rows, close to each other. Thus wind the entire first phalanx and fix the last round.
    5. Now grab a short ponytail and pull it towards you. The thread on the reverse side will begin to unwind, and at the same time it will move the ring up and it will “pull out” from the finger along the threads of the thread.

    If you didn’t manage to remove the ring even in such an effective way, and the finger by this time has already greatly increased in size, has become purple, hot and painful, ask for help from specialists - go to the jewelry workshop or to the hospital.

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