• Summer in the city: 15 inexpensive hats for a stylish look

    In the summer of 2018, we say �yes� only to natural materials! Choose a straw hat for all occasions, be it a trip to the sea or a shopping trip.

    Boater.�This �Frenchwoman� - the undoubted choice of the most stylish it-girls is not the first season. It will not hide you much from the sun, but it is ideal for a picnic in the park, a promenade along the embankment or lunch in the company of girlfriends on the summer terrace. Kanote will add playfulness to a vest and shorts, will give even more charm to a gentle sundress and set the tone for a double-breasted white trouser suit. This coquette fits girls with a haircut of different lengths. If you have long hair, you will have to collect them in a low bun or tail for a perfect fit.

    Fedor.�Summer is time for adventure! Do you like Indiana Jones movies? Classic straw Fedor is suitable for any, even the most risky and unpredictable, journey. Such a hat looks impeccably on the bold and determined persons traveling around the world.Planning a vacation? Fedor is universal! We take her with us to the beach, on a tour, to a music festival, to a country club. We wear with long summer dresses, swimsuits, denim shorts, overalls and safari dresses.

    Selfie Lover.�Romantic wide-brimmed hats are a great option for a luxurious beach holiday. In a duet with your ideal retro style swimsuit, this hat will only add sensuality and femininity. A wide-brimmed hat with raw edges will become an indispensable accessory for tropical photo shoots in the shade of palm trees, against the backdrop of seascapes and by the pool. Going to distant islands? Do not forget to bring a hat box!

    Herself a stylist.�This season the hats are luxuriously decorated with bows, embroidery, ribbons, pompoms, beads and sequins. Want to pick up the original version? Buy a hat without decoration and decorate it for the occasion. Going on a boat trip? Tie a striped ribbon around the crown. If you want to put a bright accent, tie a large silk scarf bow. Weaving beads, flowers, pompons, leather and suede straps will come in handy if you are going to a boho party.

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