• Such special wedding dresses in retro style (15 photos)

    On such a vital day, every bride always wants to look especially, charming and unpredictable, because among the overwhelming variety of the most incredible wedding dresses, it is quite difficult to find something very individual and non-banal.

    Complete the image with hair and makeup

    Modern brides have managed to try on a large number of diverse images, which are becoming increasingly difficult to beat with each passing year. A good solution in this situation would be the choice of dresses in retro style, which are an important component of themed weddings, especially since the choice of direction is quite wide.

    The retro style varies from the 20s to the 80s of the last century, as you see, the gap is simply huge, and therefore the opportunity for choice is expanding.

    Of course, the most interesting and unpredictable option is to rummage in the chests of grandmothers, to find an interesting vintage dress there, which, of course, you cannot wear from the turn, but take it to the atelier.

    Do not be surprised, you can not even imagine how many beautiful and very unusual vintage dresses you can find at our grandmothers, of course in the studio they will be refined, fit your size, refresh details, and you can turn into a very individual, and most importantly exclusive bride.

    There are a lot of options

    But if such a chest was not found, it does not matter, modern designers and wedding studios have long since resolved this issue. Recently, more and more often retro style can be found in shop windows, but, of course, it’s better to worry about it in advance, to choose a style and order sew your favorite dress, so you definitely will not lose.

    How to determine what specific dress is sewn in retro style? Very simply, such dresses are usually exclusive and individual, in mass production you will not meet them.

    You will be the goddess of cinema

    In addition, beautiful retro-style wedding dresses are often distinguished by their materials or their unusual combinations, such patterns are rarely found in modern models, it can be like chiffon or silk, and wool, cricotine, natural fabrics in the form of cotton or flax.

    The main thing to be open to experiment

    But the styles of such dresses are a great many - from models to the floor with long loops, to short mini or midi dresses. Each bride should choose the style that suits her most visually and as spirit, because not every girl will decide to wear a short dress to the wedding, for this you need a certain courage and, of course, beautiful legs.

    The main thing is your good mood

    Where do dreams lead?

    A retro wedding is always a mystery, something attractive and sophisticated, somewhat forgotten images of the past, but at the same time not having lost their relevance and beauty.

    If you think about it, then with the vintage direction immediately evokes associations about the chic Merlin Monroe, Coco Chanel's unsurpassed and extraordinary, and many other world fame, which have endured through the years undying symbols of femininity and grace.

    For a noisy party

    To choose the right style of wedding dresses in retro style, you need to decide on the time frame, maybe it will be the bohemian 20s?

    It was then that the ladies dressed in lace and silk, were not afraid of frankness, because it was during this time period that women began to work on an equal basis with men, got the right to vote, and at the same time stopped being ashamed to bare arms, legs and back. This is a period of glitter and feathers, a lot of beads, as well as wedding dresses without sleeves.

    Sleeves in a dress can be royal

    The wedding fashion of the 1930s is a period of restraint and the global crisis, the era of gangsters and surrealism. Lace is now difficult to find, often silk and chiffon, the dress must be necessarily long and have a train, a cutout on the back will complement the whole image.

    Black is acceptable.

    The silhouette of the bride of those years should flow and emphasize the curves of the body, a slight neckline is allowed. The obligatory moment is a headdress, and it is not always a veil, but rather a hat with large or small brim can be added with a lace mesh. It remains to throw in fur and long gloves, and then you will definitely reincarnate in the socialite of those years.

    Like in your favorite movies

    But the brides of the 1940s returned to tenderness and light charm, tulle and chiffon are back in fashion, bare shoulders, but the models themselves are usually complemented by a sleeve. And now, finally, a difficult military decade came to an end, the world and beauty were hungry for everything beautiful and luxurious.

    The dress does not have to be white

    It was during this time period that the so-called new look flow appeared, these were wedding dresses that had a special silhouette: ankle-length fashionable dress, an hourglass silhouette, which was recreated with the help of a fluffy skirt, underlined chest and slightly tapered waist.

    The image of a retro bride must be stylish

    In this form, the bride resembles a young and still unopened rosebud.Such a vintage wedding dress will suit almost any girl, especially if her figure is of the pear or hourglass type. To make the image complete, it must be supplemented with a volumetric styling, which is tied with a wide flight.

    Gloves will make you a stylish lady

    Rock and roll, hippies, jeans, cold war, Twiggy, baby-doll style, dudes - that's what the distant 60s are associated with. It was then that Russian women become acquainted with heels, synthetic and bright fabrics flourish, the world is going through an explosive period.

    Short options are available

    If you want a bright and expressive wedding, which will have no restrictions, but rather will convey the atmosphere of rebellion and incredible emotions, then you are here.

    The image of the bride of those years becomes subservient to the fashionable flow of baby dollars, so if you want to dress in a short dress for a retro wedding, then you have found a true era. The silhouette of the dress resembles a trapeze or an hourglass, it is permissible to use almost any materials, the outfit can be complemented with embroidery or bright appliqués.

    Train looks gentle

    Of course, one more important component is the fashionable hair of Babette, fluffy styling, no veils, and white ribbons and bright clips.Of course, ordinary Soviet women did not allow themselves this, but more often they went to the registrar in an ordinary white suit, which "can be worn later". But this is not interesting at all?

    Experiment and you will be a goddess

    And what else?

    But in order to appear before the groom in a vintage style, it is not at all necessary to adhere to a certain direction or some particular time period. The retro effect is achieved by such uncomplicated moments:

    • Lace and tulle are an indispensable element of a wedding dress, they give the image a certain mystery and lightness.
    • The absence of a corset, perhaps a deep cut on the back or deep neckline.
    • By the way, the color of champagne is also associated with retro-style.
    • And the most important thing is accessories. Complement the image with a thin string of pearls, an ancient ring, a hat with a veil and a strip of fur, black arrows or bright lips, unusual scallops and suitable shoes. Following all these simple requirements, any bride can plunge into the era of a mysterious and beautiful past.
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