• Styling - an indispensable tool for creating hair

    If you want your hairstyle to be perfect, then you will have to make some effort, since the hair can not be made to lie as you want. Use special styling tools, but first, learn how to choose them correctly.

    What it is?

    For the most demanding

    What does this unusual word "styling" mean? In fact, it involves the creation of hair. But in this case it is not the process itself that is meant, but the means and devices with which the creation will be carried out. Today, the choice is simply huge, the eyes literally run up. And how to decide in all this diversity?

    How to make the right choice?

    To styling hair was ideal, it is important to buy the right cosmetic products. How to choose them? It is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. After all, some funds are intended for one purpose, while others are for others. And everyone's hair is completely different.So it is important to take into account a few highlights. Let us dwell on each of them.


    First of all, we will list the main types of styling products:

    • Hairspray is available in the arsenal of every woman of fashion, as such a tool is designed to fix hair. By the way, the degree of fixation may be different. For example, if the hair is soft and thin, then you should choose the lowest degree, if the curls are hard and thick, then give preference to high. But the latter option is not suitable for everyday use, since the composition of the scalp of our scalp is removed only with the help of a shampoo (soft means can be combed out) with a brush.
    • Mousse is used to impart volume, density and fluffiness, which is necessary for owners of thin and liquid hair. Such a product will not give shine, and with an excessive amount of the applied composition will create the effect of dirty hair. It is best to use mousses for girls with short or medium hair.
    • Hair wax is designed to highlight strands and make them bright and shiny. This option is ideal for owners of curly and dry hair, they will be able to "curb" their curls.But girls with straight and oily hair do not need such a tool.
    • The liquid (or lotion) for styling is designed to add volume during blow-drying. This is usually a spray applied before drying the hair. Thermal protection is provided so that the hair can be protected from the negative effects of hot air.
    • Hair gel gives the hairstyle gloss and shine, but there are different types. For example, some products fix curls, but leave them soft, while others secrete strands or create the effect of wet hair. Almost all can use gels.
    • Foam is similar to mousse, but slightly different from it. This tool allows you to fix the hair, but does not imply the effect of stuck together and glued hair. Glitter is not expected.
    • Powder is designed to create volume, especially when it comes to nachos.
    • The cream has a light and delicate texture, as well as the presence in the composition of moisturizing and caring components, which is especially important for lovers of naturalness. But easy fixing is the place to be.

    And what are yours?

    Good means - good styling

    It is important when choosing a means to take into account the type of hair.

    • If you have oily hair, it is better to give preference to mousses and foams of a high degree of fixation. Also suitable and varnish. These tools will help to slightly remove excess fluid and fix hair.Roots are best not to handle.
    • For dry - alcohol-containing compounds are contraindicated, so the “alcohol” component in the composition should scare you away. Means of strong and superstrong fixation also will not work, they will turn the curls into a hard washcloth.
    • Dim just need shine, but they do not need to weight. The best option is special creams or sprays to impart shine. Avoid the root zone of the hair, otherwise the curls will seem dirty.
    • If your hair is thin, then the ideal option is liquid products, better in the form of sprays. They will not confuse or glue the hair, but will give them the desired volume. Also, powder will do for you.

    What do you want in the end?

    Choosing the means, determine what result you want to achieve. Here are a few options:

    1. For curling it is better to use mousses or foams, as the varnish will simply glue the hair. If your hair is curly and you want to lay it beautifully, you can choose a wax or a special spray to separate the strands.
    2. Do you want a complex hairstyle not to fall apart at the height of the holiday? Then it is best to choose a strong hold lacquer.
    3. The effect of wet hair will provide you a gel or lotion.But to dry the hair is not recommended, they must dry themselves.
    4. For volume fit mousses and skins. They do not weigh down the hair and retain their natural look.
    5. Do you like to make your hair? Then use powder, putting it on the area near the roots.

    How to apply?

    Huge selection

    It is very important to know how to use styling products, since the quality of hair and its durability directly depend on this.

    • Varnish should be applied after completing the process of creating hairstyles for dry hair. The bottle should be kept at a distance of 25-30 centimeters from the head, so that the tool spreads along the curls evenly and does not glue them.
    • Mousses are applied first to the roots, and then distributed along the length of the hair. It is important not to overdo it, otherwise nothing will come of it.
    • The wax is applied the easiest way to wet hair (but you should not wash them). Simply apply the composition to your hand, rub it between the palms, and then spread it over the hair. Then start creating a haircut.
    • Spray lotion is applied before drying on wet hair. And if the curls are not dry, then you can get in the end the effect of wet hair.
    • The gel is applied by hands on a little damp hair. Spread the composition evenly over the entire length.It is important not to overdo it with the amount! Combing hair after application is not recommended.
    • The foam is applied to clean and damp hair and spreads over it.
    • The cream should be applied to the palm, and then a small amount to distribute to clean damp hair.

    Styling devices

    Want to get the perfect hairstyle? Get a styler. This is a special device for creating different hairstyles. The most common and popular brands: "Rowenta", "Philips", "Remington".

    What to look for when choosing?

    • The number of nozzles. It all depends on what you want.
    • Purpose Stylers are professional and domestic. For the amateur, the second option is preferable.
    • The length of the cord should be sufficient. But more convenient is the wireless model that runs on batteries.
    • Functions. Some models can regulate temperature and airflow. Also useful are the functions of ionization, blowing, heat identification, and gentle curling.
    • Power must be high.
    • It is better to give preference to ceramic plates.

    Overview of popular tools

    We list the styling products that have received the most positive reviews:

    • “Nivea” is a democratic developing brand. The line of funds is not very wide, but girls and women are happy. The smell is pleasant, as is the consistency of the means. The price is low.
    • "Taft" - a means of strong fixation. The choice is very wide, there are options for any type of hair and for any occasion. Such funds have an average cost.
    • Wella also offers a wide range of high quality products. Prices are reasonable, most buyers are pretty.

    Let your haircut be perfect!

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