• Stuffed Loaf

    Stuffed loafis a recipe.


    1. 1 loaf;
    2. meat patties;
    3. boiled chicken eggs;
    4. pickled cucumbers;
    5. bunch of greens;
    6. hard cheese
    7. sauce, ketchup to taste.


    The filling for a loaf can be very different, the main thing here is to focus on your taste.

    In this case: burgers, as well as eggs, greens, pickled cucumbers, cheese and ketchup.

    Greenery is crushed, the remaining ingredients are cut into slices.

    The loaf must be cut in half lengthwise, take out the pulp, lubricate the sauce and fill with the filling.

    We combine both halves of the loaf, wrap in food paper and put it under a press for the night in the refrigerator.

    You can serve both cold and hot, depending on the filling.

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