• Is it possible to lose weight in just one week? Yes, it is quite real! For a week, if you wish, you can get rid of 5-10 kilograms! What if you need to quickly lose weight in 7 days? What diets are designed to lose weight in a week? In our article we will try to give answers to your questions!

    Basic rules for a weekly diet

    A diet that gives a weekly result is usually very tight. For such diets there are special rules that should be followed in order not to harm the body:

    • Use at least 2 liters of fluid per day.
    • Strictly adhere to the menu, do not supplement the diet with products that are not provided in it and do not replace some products with others.
    • Combine your diet with sports, fitness, aerobics and yoga to achieve the best effect.
    • During the diet, the body loses a huge amount of nutrients, so take care to compensate for this loss by consuming vitamins and minerals in the form of tablets.
    • You should not go out of the diet dramatically.After a diet, try to limit yourself to food for a while.

    Slimming diets for the week

    Kefir diet

    With the help of kefir diet, you can lose about 5 kilograms in a week. This diet has a fairly simple diet. Products offered for each day should be divided into 4 doses.

    First day. 1.5 liters of kefir, 5 medium boiled potatoes

    Second day. 1.5 liters of kefir, boiled chicken fillet (100 g)

    The third day. 1.5 liters of kefir, boiled lean fish (100 g)

    Fourth day. 1.5 liter kefir, boiled beef (100 g)

    Fifth day. Any fruits and vegetables fresh or cooked, it is worth refusing from grapes and bananas

    Sixth day. 1.5 liters of kefir

    Seventh day. Mineral water. The amount of water is unlimited.


    Thanks to this diet, a week you can say goodbye to 10 kg of excess weight. An amazing result, isn't it? This diet is developed by professional nutritionists. By repeating the diet a second time after 2 months, you can throw another 4 kilograms.

    First day. 6 glasses of mineral water

    Second day. 4 glasses of milk and a green apple in the evening before bedtime

    The third day. 6 glasses of mineral water

    Fourth day.Vegetable salad (cabbage, greens, carrots). Salad dressed with olive oil. 2 glasses of mineral water.

    Fifth day. 4 cups milk

    Sixth day. At breakfast you should eat a hard-boiled egg and a half cup of tea without sugar. At the second breakfast, prepare vegetable broth. Lunch should consist of boiled beef (100 g) and canned green peas (100 g). In the afternoon snack, dinner and second dinner, one apple each.

    Seventh day. Cottage cheese (100 g), 1 liter of kefir, before going to bed a cup of tea without sugar.

    Six Day Diet

    This diet will allow you to lose 5 pounds. The entire amount of food provided per day should be divided into 6 receptions.

    First day. 6 boiled eggs

    Second day. 500 g of cottage cheese (0% fat)

    The third day. Boiled chicken fillet (750 g)

    Fourth day. Cooked rice (200 g)

    Fifth day. 6 medium boiled potatoes

    Sixth day. Unlimited apples

    Grapefruit diet

    The well-known grapefruit diet will not bring you stunning results (with its help you can throw only 4 kg), but it will have a very beneficial effect for the whole body and will not cause side effects. During the grapefruit diet do not need to take a complex of vitamins and minerals!

    First day. For breakfast, a grapefruit and a cup of unsweetened tea with a slice of ham. For lunch, grapefruit, vegetable salad and a cup of tea. For dinner, baked beef, veal or chicken (150 g) and salad of greens.

    Second day. For breakfast, scrambled eggs from their pairs of eggs and a glass of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. For lunch, grapefruit and low-fat cheese varieties (50 g). For dinner, low-fat fish cooked in a double boiler (200 g), vegetable salad and a small piece of bread.

    The third day. For breakfast, grapefruit and a cup of yogurt with muesli. For lunch, grapefruit and vegetable soup with crackers. For dinner, half a grapefruit, grilled chicken (200 g), 2 baked tomatoes and a cup of tea.

    Fourth day. For breakfast, a hard-boiled egg and a glass of fresh tomato juice. For lunch, grapefruit, vegetable salad and a small piece of bread. For dinner, a stew of vegetables and a cup of tea. In the evening before bedtime grapefruit.

    Fifth day. At breakfast, a fruit salad, which includes grapefruit, and a cup of tea. For lunch, 2 medium baked potatoes and cabbage salad. For dinner, cooked in the oven veal, beef, chicken or fish (200 g) and a glass of tomato juice. In the evening before bedtime a glass of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice.

    The sixth and seventh day. A menu of any two last days.

    Diet fast weight loss for the week

    Buckwheat diet

    Thanks to the buckwheat diet you can get rid of 10 kg in just one week. This diet is in the top of the most effective diets for quick weight loss.

    During the diet, buckwheat is prepared according to a special recipe. The buckwheat does not need to be boiled, it should be poured with boiling water overnight, and by the morning the porridge will be completely ready for use.

    Throughout the week, you only need to eat buckwheat porridge, without adding salt and other spices. A day you can eat an unlimited amount of porridge, drinking it down with low-fat kefir (no more than a liter per day). Also, the use of mineral water during the diet is unlimited. It is important to ensure that the last meal was not less than 4 hours before bedtime.

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