• Simple Quilling Earrings

    We make paperEarrings in the technique of quilling, everything is quite simple and easy, and the result will surely please you.

    Materials and tools:

    1. paper strips for quilling 5 mm light pink and dark pink;
    2. scissors;
    3. glue;
    4. quilling tool (Rolling Pen);
    5. earrings and rings.

    Step 1

    Take light pink stripes and make two large droplets. Then we make two more droplets from smaller strips - they will be internal.

    From the stripes of dark pink color, we roll up several parts of different diameters. They will be located between the large and small droplets.

    Step 2

    We glue a small droplet inside a large and in the remaining space between them we glue the details of dark pink stripes. Repeat the same with the second earring.

    From light pink stripes twist two more parts and thread them into rings. Then we attach the rings to the schwenzes.

    In conclusion, we add droplets to the curls on the rings.

    Allsimple earrings in quilling stylesare ready.

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