• Simple Clamp

    You can make a very useful and simple thing for your workshop in just a few minutes - it is a clamp from a piece of profile. With it, you can fix the workpiece from both metal and wood. So if you suddenly need to clamp the workpiece in several places - you can easily make several clamps for such works. Profile sizes vary, you can choose any one for your needs.

    You will need

    • A piece of steel U-shaped profile.
    • Two wide nuts, better homemade, if possible.
    • Long bolt .
    • Thin long bolt or steel bar section.
    Most people have their garages in their garages, and if not, buy them at the nearest building site. the store did not make up labor.
    Simple clamp

    Making a clamp

    From a piece of the profile, you need to cut the desired size, for this we draw a line along which we will cut.
    Simple Clamp
    We cut the grinder along the line.Sharp edges to grind. For greater parallelism of the internal planes of the profile, we bend the sides with hammer blows. Simple clamp
    In one of the sides we drill a through hole with a diameter of a large diameter of the thread of a large bolt.Simple clamp Drilled. Simple clamp We weld the nut with arc welding from the outside of the profile. Simple clamp We screw the bolt to make sure that everything passes normally and does not hurt. Simple Clamp We weld thin on top of a thick bolt.
    Simple clamp
    This will be the handle behind which the clamp mechanism of the clamp will rotate. Simple clamp To increase the pressure area, weld the nut to the end of the bolt. Simple Clamp Now the clamp is ready.We proceed to the tests. I made several pieces at once, it took no more than two tens of minutes. I press the steel plate to the table. Keeps on well.
    Simple Clamp
    For better performance, a good solution would be to lubricate the thread with graphite or other lubricant. The significant disadvantage of this design is that when tightened, the pressure sole leaves a mark on the product being fixed, as it rotates with the bolt. For some types of work, this is certainly not creative, if you need to avoid it - put a lining made of steel under the pressure nut. All the best!

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