• Signs of the Trinity - Christian rites, Orthodox traditions and ancient customs

    Christian traditions, Orthodox customs and folk signs of the Trinity have come down to us since ancient times with little or no change. Ancestors tried to preserve for us this knowledge accumulated over many centuries. This useful information will help to properly meet and hold a bright church holiday, and for women who want to get pregnant and have a problem to give birth to a strong, healthy baby she will tell you how to enlist the support of Higher Forces for this purpose.

    Signs of the Trinity - Christian rites, Orthodox traditions and ancient customs

    On the weather signs in Troitsyn, the day was judged when to expect the arrival of heat and what kinds of crops would become ugly in the near summer season.

    Understanding what a holiday is and what can and cannot be done on it, people imbued with a divine feeling and opened their hearts to a better understanding of such accompanying events as Parental and Spirits Day, Easter of the Dead and Radonitsa.

    What kind of holiday is the Trinity and what is its main Christian idea

    Signs of the Trinity - Christian rites, Orthodox traditions and ancient customs

    About that for the holiday of the Trinity and what is its main Christian idea, one can learn from ancient religious texts. It describes in detail how once, on Mount Zion, the Mother of God, the Apostles, the faithful disciples of Jesus, and the first Christians were in the room. Suddenly, there was a strange noise, as if hundreds of winds were simultaneously blowing out, and the Holy Spirit descended on all those present, who took the form of flames.

    After this phenomenon the apostles found the opportunity to speak different languages. It was God's gift to them so that they could go to other nations and preach to them the word of the Lord.

    The symbolic significance of this phenomenon says that after the purification with fire, the souls of the apostles became pure and got rid of sinful desires, impulses and thoughts. Their willingness to follow Jesus was appreciated and rewarded accordingly. This amazing phenomenon became one of the key events of Christianity and in the future became known as the holiday of the Trinity.

    Ancient signs on the Trinity - what not to do and how many days

    Signs of the Trinity - Christian rites, Orthodox traditions and ancient customs

    The fact that it is impossible to do and how many days indicate ancient signs on the Trinity. All prohibitions that are relevant to the holiday itself also apply to the parent's Saturday preceding it and the Spirits Day following it.

    A list of vintage signs indicating that you cannot do

    Signs of the Trinity - Christian rites, Orthodox traditions and ancient customs

    • Do not plan on the Trinity marriage. Even if the bride and groom truly love each other, their family life will not bring anything good.
    • Trinity is prohibited from any work on earth. In no case should you plow the land, dig holes, dig up the beds, stick in stakes, mow the grass and replant the plants. This day is considered the name-day of the earth and requires a careful, respectful attitude to it.
    • In no case can not cut down trees, cut, break off branches and even chop wood. For the Trinity rituals, you can only tie the branches with ribbons, decorate with wreaths and wonder about fate, marriage and future family life.
    • It is impossible to walk alone in the Trinity alone in the forest. On a festive day, various mythical creatures, maws and mermaids come into the world of the living. Belief says that these are unbaptized deceased babies, stillborn children taken away from parents by evil forces.They lured people, horses and cattle into their networks, from which it is impossible to get out. Any living creature after such contact disappears forever and becomes the same wandering soul.
    • Any housework is the strictest taboo. You can not clean the apartment, cut and dye your hair, wash clothes, weave, sew and bleach canvases. The only thing that is permissible is to cook food and feed the pets.

    Any violation of the Trinity traditions entails punishment. A man plowing the ground will have all the cattle. The owner, sowing wheat, hail and bad weather will beat the crops, and the heat will dry up what remains in the fields. In a spinning wool, all the sheep will go away and get lost, and those who build a fence or twine ropes in a bright celebration will bend themselves into an arc and will suffer from problems and misfortunes.

    Simple signs on the weather on the Trinity and Spirits day

    Signs of the Trinity - Christian rites, Orthodox traditions and ancient customs

    Even the simplest signs of the weather on the Trinity and the Spirits of the day were very popular and very revered. This was due to the fact that for the most part people spent all the festivities on the street and noticed every little thing that happened on that day.

    A few will take on the weather in Trinity and Spirits day

    Signs of the Trinity - Christian rites, Orthodox traditions and ancient customs

    • Abundant dew is a positive sign. It was believed that on this day she possessed healing power. In the morning, going out into the yard, they carried out a towel over the grass, and then squeezed it into a basin and used washing liquid.
    • The beginning of the rain indicated a good harvest in the fields and a large number of mushrooms in the forest. It was considered a great success to get wet under the rain on the Trinity. This promised a speedy acquisition of wealth.
    • The heat was considered a bad sign and foreshadowed a sultry, dry summer and a bad harvest.
    • The coolness of the Trinity promised that the Spirits Day would be warm. Indeed, at this moment, according to beliefs, the heat comes out from the depths of the earth.

    People signs for the Trinity to get pregnant and give birth safely

    Signs of the Trinity - Christian rites, Orthodox traditions and ancient customs

    There are ancient folk characters on the Trinity, which help women become pregnant and safely give birth to a baby. They have already become good traditions, which are surely performed in the light church holiday of a female representative who want to become mothers.

    The Orthodox Christian custom tells us to spend the day of the Trinity in the circle of relatives. Women are advised to go out of town, inhale the clean forest air, feel the energy of nature and tune in to the emergence of a new life.

    It is very useful on this day to collect healing herbs, dry them, and then brew like tea. For the earliest conception, calm, prosperous pregnancy and easy childbirth, it is worth using a pine womb and thyme. They contribute to the activation of reproductive functions and provide the most effective result. Herbal tea should be drunk not only on the Trinity Day and the Day following it, but also immediately before the exact establishment of pregnancy.

    The list of people will take to the Trinity, contributing to the conception and easy childbirth

    Signs of the Trinity - Christian rites, Orthodox traditions and ancient customs

    • Women who have long dreamed of a child need to donate something to the poor at the Trinity. Good food or clothes given away to the destitute on the day of the holiday will accelerate the desired conception.
    • Wanting to get pregnant, it is necessary on the eve of the celebration to bring home young twigs of willow or birch. To enhance the effect, you can arrange them in the rooms so that they create an appropriate aura in the room. It is best to place them in the matrimonial bedroom and in the same place a ficus, which positively influences conception.
    • It is very important to completely get rid of negative thoughts. They inhibit reproductive function and do not contribute to the birth of life.Even in the presence of some life difficulties, you need to think only about the good and set yourself up for the positive.
    • To find out what sex the conceived child will be, pregnant women need to visit the hen house on the Saturday Saturday before the Trinity and ask the hens to tell them who to expect. On Sunday morning, carefully count the eggs. An even number will clearly indicate that a boy will be born, and an odd number will announce that a girl must be expected.

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