• Sights of Kaliningrad

    The best Gothic building in Kaliningrad is the Cathedral, which was the temple of East Prussia. The Grand Masters of the Teutonic Order, the Prussian Dukes and Barons found their last refuge here. In their honor, on the ancient walls of the cathedral, one can still see carved epitaphs. The greatest philosopher Kant is buried near the north side of the cathedral. In memory of him a magnificent colonnade, covered with a portico, was erected.

    Not far from the Cathedral there is a special quarter of Kaliningrad - the Fish Village. Near the unhurried river Pregol, historical workshops of artisans, cafes and restaurants, stylized to the life of the old Koeningsberg, were erected.

    The whole city is surrounded by various forts, casemates and fortress walls, which make Kaliningrad an impregnable fortress. This is a legacy of Prussian buildings. Forts "Gnayzenau", "Bronzart" and "Stein" are an integral part of the tourist routes of Kaliningrad.

    The only Russian Amber Museum is located in the Don Fort.It contains exclusive fragments of the Amber Room, samples of amber from the Armory and many other exhibits from amber. A special pride of the Museum is amber, in which ancient insects, formed more than 40 million years ago, froze.

    Having been in Kaliningrad, it is impossible not to go to the Museum of the World Ocean. An extensive collection of corals, huge aquariums with various inhabitants of the depths are adjacent to the Embankment of the historical fleet. Fishing trawlers, a submarine, various schooners, a space communications vessel are moored on it. On each ship, visitors can climb and walk through all its compartments. You can also climb aboard the research vessel Vityaz, which, with the help of the Mir submersible, measured the depth of the Mariana Trench.

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