Several solutions for cabinets, shelves, and more simply, almost wardrobes in a slightly different format. Interest, by the way, is not idle, a colleague bought an apartment (budget option) in a new area. New beautiful area, a huge house, oval, all in a glass loggia, on a high floor, a fascinating panorama. And the layout is not usual for us: all rooms are polygonal, that is, there are no squares or rectangles at all. So, problems with the situation: in such rooms the usual furniture is indispensable. They showed me an apartment and the phrase “wardrobe-coupe” passed from room to room with us. All the cabinets offered by the manufacturers and the cabinets that I saw were collected in unattractive pictures in the imagination. So I rushed to search for options.

    These are also good because they can be made by hand.

    I like the whole idea very much lower: with the fact that the window is inscribed, and with the fact that there is a bench-sofa near the window, and with the fact that there is a place for storage at the bottom. If desired, they can and close or periodical fill

    4045361_0d12a1deadd4db1410136783a35eec12 (554x507, 135Kb)

    4045361_4062c5a050b1a73f114491bcb8579fca (422x494, 85Kb)

    This design is made from old bookcases and cabinets,which are connected and painted with one paint

    4045361_5cbda25bd36c341c6b990b5f6247cf8b (360x480, 68Kb)

    but the closet itself, which is also made of two book shelves between which the bars are stretched.

    4045361_e0b720185137d4571458cb7fdad70be8 (334x500, 21Kb)

    Yes, built-in modules take space, but they also expand it, because, for example, a sofa, for example, does not stick out its entire width, but is slightly hidden. But around it you can put a lot of things and place

    4045361_5d6a8a3e2ac84dd22571e145b2a033c5 (560x700, 221Kb)

    Small pier: a good solution

    4045361_ad49ae9b6c3a4d64b805868c0ae7fa92 (480x640, 189Kb)

    Built-in modules, even in the smallest space, usually include three pieces of furniture

    4045361_0a3e7bac4c9a46b43fe64a9ff4525081 (488x640, 183Kb)

    4045361_2f704badff25ca0d9d5e9af3352bcbec (348x512, 33Kb)

    for kitchen option with a place by the window where you can sit

    4045361_446773cda8183d62a9823d3aab191f83 (427x640, 148Kb)

    corner in the bedroom

    4045361_78eb3c51a4c487b69a0532997094a6a7 (462x700, 206Kb)

    table in the bedroom, shut off the curtain

    4045361_ad430630442ec7a74dc5b4dca97b22ce (460x360, 66Kb)

    If the bed is set diagonally, then it is easy to put a sofa on it

    4045361_e5b3e06d72f77861af483c947eee9265 (355x400, 61Kb)

    Shelving in the bathroom

    4045361_24adad146a041e255e8ba9171cc139dc (408x525, 95Kb)

    4045361_fac17987ab4891fb54cabcc67da60d24 (500x667, 227Kb)

    VISIBLE: built-in modules -D and AFTER

    4045361_27cfae5ea957f8808b6a353acb8ef2df (462x700, 135Kb)

    Classic built-in hallway modules:

    4045361_f1b59bb7e2d40276a3d0a6a9ab2bc4fc (525x700, 207Kb)

    still a hallway

    4045361_e83ea852684cd36fe87d6f7581f65a2e (466x700, 208Kb)

    Very simple structure:

    4045361_47ec4d1ade9b23a4fddae19297d08d8b (525x700, 236Kb)

    Make a corner shelf with your own hands

    4045361_a869c1ec96d3cd4b8f00fbf9159e8d3b (258x700, 23Kb)

    And then different ideas: for the pantry, dressing room, fun places for beds. Just so watch

    4045361_7a43025effdac178604f718c6f8ba1f3 (465x700, 127Kb)

    dark room closet

    4045361_95df18d0aebf10ff9716f2cbd64fd446 (525x700, 150Kb)

    wardrobe bed! With the window, by the way

    4045361_418aad8d0db6113046b96b07d6cdf5c2 (374x700, 32Kb)

    and another bed - behind the curtain

    4045361_7d108345c7b8131421ccd2075530c44b (360x480, 58Kb)

    a good idea for the cabinet: I like the shelves on the side and still in the middle one barbell, for trousers and skirts

    4045361_b0562ac3c87192557bc66d9d7cf92f48 (500x627, 44Kb)

    4045361_9b285b37039a4e79f4732fe7c2a2dbfd (450x600, 49Kb)

    Mirror tile as a headboard. Handsomely. Note: the tile is glued at some angle

    4045361_eb273eb313ec83c739c5b0ee75ac27e0 (500x625, 194Kb)

    Of course, there are a lot of ideas. And to choose, as always, is not easy. Something that the eye refuses to accept at all :-) But this is only at first glance, then you look closely, you get used to it. And you already find something interesting. The perennial habitual generally rules us.

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