• Homemade feeder for feeder

    Feeders for feeders - consumables. Sometimes when fishing in tight spots, a fisherman can lose a lot of feeders in one fishing trip. And they are not so cheap. Mono of course refuse to catch in promising places, but you can greatly reduce the cost of the feeders themselves. To do this, you can do it yourself. It's not that hard. For the manufacture of feeder feeders will need - a plastic bottle, lead, paper clips. From the tools you will need scissors and pliers. Also need a nail or a soldering iron. Small scales are very desirable. But you can do without them.
     Feeders for feeders
    First of all, cut off the strip from the bottle. We cut it in such a way that when rolled up it would turn out to be a cylinder with dimensions corresponding to the size of the feeder.
     Feeders for feeders
    Next you need to do in the hole band.This is easy to do with a heated soldering iron. If it doesn’t exist, a nail heated on fire is suitable.
     Feeders for feeders
    When heated, hold them with pliers, this will reduce the risk of burns. Holes need a lot. Through them will be getting enough sleep.
     Feeders for the feeder
    This will require a strip of lead. Lead is most easily found in old car batteries. One battery is enough for a lot of feeders. But before use, lead must be melted down. Do this in the open air, observing all precautions. To obtain strips of lead, its piece is flattened with milk to the state of a leaf and cut into ordinary strips with ordinary scissors.
     Feeders for feeders
    Lead strips should be slightly longer than feeders . This will fix it.
     Feeders for feeders
    Bend the paperclip as shown in Figure 7.
     Feeders for feeders After this, with the help of pliers, we collect the feeder.First, bend the edge of the strip without a paper clip. Lead should be pressed as hard as possible. Homemade feeder feeder ready.
     Feeders for feeders
    If there are scales, you can weigh the feeders and sign with a marker. It is not necessary to make the feeder transparent. You can use bottles of different colors.

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