• Sedokova showed perfect ass, which is growing every day

    Singer every day is becoming more beautiful.

    In the first month of summer, all the stars rush to bikini fans. Sedokova is no exception. Flirty retrokupalnik in white peas liked all followers Anna. But even more admiration caused the figure of the singer, or rather, her perfect pop.

    Anna Sedokova
    Photo: @annasedokova

    “Every year the figure is getting better,” “Just a bomb,” “Magic,” the fans showered with compliments on the star. Although singer Anna Sedokova is far from Kim Kardashian, she can already make a great competition for her. It is worth remembering how the other day she placed a photo in her microblog, in which she was captured in a golden bathing suit near a rock.

    Anna's body has really changed: the hips have become a little more powerful, the waist is very thin. But then the strangest Internet users seemed to be a press star. It looked like it was made of steel, and the oblique muscles were too pronounced.Many accused Sedokov of excessive photo retouching. But now she proved to everyone that her figure was not the result of Photoshop at all.

    It seems that she belongs to those starry lucky girls, whom nature has endowed with perfect buttocks. While everyone squats hard and goes to workouts, these celebrities are showing everyone beautiful and effortlessly shaped.

    For example,Jay loeven before Kim Kardashian was the owner of the most discussed buttocks. According to rumors, she even insured this part of the body, only the numbers diverge: either by 300 million, or by a billion dollars. That's how she is proud of her gorgeous booty. She even released a song called “Booty” (from English - pop), and in the video she performed fiery dances.

    Tennis playerSerena Williamsalso known for its magnificent forms, which she is proud of. This is evidenced by the constant appearance in short dresses, which focus public attention on the volumetric buttocks.

    The owners of elegant priests are andBeyonceandChristina Aguileraand many plus-size models. We have collected photos of these girls in the gallery below.

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