• Secrets of cooking unusual walnut jam

    Many articles and books have been written about the enormous benefits of walnuts; these unique creations of nature can pamper our body with a wide variety of vitamins, micro- and macronutrients, amino acids and other compounds important for normal life.

    These nuts perfectly satisfy the feeling of hunger, restore the body's energy reserves, relieve the feeling of fatigue and strengthen the muscular frame.

    The record iodine content makes them indispensable food in the diet of those people who suffer from diseases of the thyroid gland. Among other things, they are useful to those who have cardiovascular diseases, as well as difficulties in the digestive tract.

    As soon as they do not eat walnuts - raw, in the composition of first courses, salads or desserts, they make delicious delicacies of them, add them to aromatic pastries.But today we will talk about a different, slightly unusual way of using this product, about jam. How to make jam from walnuts, you ask, does it happen?

    It turns out that how, and it is prepared mainly from green fruits, although the options are different. It's no secret that jam is a great way to preserve most of the useful properties of the product, as well as enjoy its aroma and taste on cold winter evenings.

    Did you know that it is secretly called walnuts that are called the “king” of all sweet teeth, because it is famous not only for its amazing taste and inimitable aroma, but also for its invaluable benefit to the human body.

    Few people know that this is not just a treat, but also an excellent bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and anti-sclerotic agent that helps with many illnesses and ailments. Nut jam is rich in oleic and linoleic acid, as well as iodine, copper, zinc, phytoncides and a separate group of vitamins: B, C and PP!


    In order for the delicacy to really turn out tasty and fragrant, please be patient beforehand, because this is a rather laborious and lengthy process, but worth it!

    The most important thing is to choose the right nuts, they must be large, without black spots and of ideal shape.

    As we have said, most often green nuts are used for cooking such preserves, and they must be at a certain stage of maturity.

    It is important that the nuts are green outside, and inside covered with a delicate milky peel, which has not yet had time to ossify. Check it out is easy: just take the nut and try to poke it with a toothpick. If it is easily passed through, then, most likely, in front of you is a copy of perfect quality, from which you can get tasty jam.

    The usual time for harvesting nuts is the second half of June. You also need to keep in mind if you cook them in the peel, then the result will be almost black peanut jam. To make it light, the peel must first be cleaned.

    Before proceeding to direct cooking, the raw materials will need to be prepared: after you peel the greens from the peel, soak them for 2 days in cold water. In this case, the water will need to be changed at least 3 times a day.

    At the end of time, the water is completely drained,and the nuts are poured in pre-prepared lime mortar. It is easy to prepare it - for every 100 g of hydrated lime, there is a liter of pure water. In this solution, the nuts insist no more than 4 hours, and then filter.

    This procedure is necessary so that the jam turned out really tasty and lost its nutty bitter aftertaste. After that, the nuts are thoroughly washed with water, and then for another 2 days soaked in cold water.

    As for utensils, it is best to cook this jam in an enameled container or in stainless steel utensils. Contrary to popular belief, copper basins are not suitable for this, since their composition destroys ascorbic acid. Aluminum is also not the best option. Rinse, scald and dry the cans and covers for seaming.


    We will need:

    • nuts - 50 pcs .;
    • sugar - 1 kg;
    • carnation - 5 buds;
    • water - 1 cup;
    • lemon - 0.5 pcs.

    Nuts, prepared according to the previously described method, are dipped into a pan of boiling water, which should completely cover them. Cook for ten minutes, and then fold in a sieve or in a colander.In a separate container, mix sugar and water, give to boil and get syrup. We drop the boiled nuts in it, add the juice of squeezed lemon and throw in the cloves.

    Again, bring the mass to a boil and turn it off, letting it cool completely. We repeat this procedure three times and for the last time already cook until ready. We pack jam on sterile jars, it is ready!

    As you can see, there is nothing complicated, only the length of the process. By the way, to keep your hands clean, clean the nuts from your shells better in gloves. If you are a fan of unusual taste, you can diversify your jam with additives, for example, apple slices or orange zest, cinnamon and vanilla.

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