• Secrets of cooking Greek souvlaki

    If you love Greek cuisine and meat, by all means try cooking souvlaki! But first find out what it is!

    What is it?

    Souvlaki is a national Greek dish that consists of small skewers on wooden skewers. Most often pork is used for cooking, but lamb, chicken meat and even fish (fish souvlaki are cooked practically for tourists only).

    Cooking is quite simple and does not require special skills. The meat is cut into small pieces, then marinated in a mixture of olive oil, lemon juice and spices, after which it is strung on small wooden skewers and is either cooked on charcoal or fried in a baking sheet set on charcoal. Today suvlaki are considered something like a Greek fast food and are served in almost all restaurants, cafes and bistros.

    How to cook?

    How to cook Greek souvlaki? We offer several options.

    Suvlaki from pork

    This recipe can be called classical. For preparation it will be required:

    • 1 kg of pork;
    • 1 lemon;
    • 5 tablespoons of olive oil;
    • 1 teaspoon dry oregano;
    • pepper and salt to taste.


    1. In some small bowl, mix the olive oil with freshly squeezed lemon juice, add the oregano, pepper and salt, and mix well again.
    2. Wash pork and cut into small cubes, pour them with marinade and leave for three hours.
    3. Now take skewers, string pork on them and fry on coals until ready. It usually takes about 15-20 minutes, as the pieces are small.


    No less tasty souvlaki can be made from chicken. Such a dish, by the way, will be almost dietary.

    Ingredients to be used for cooking:

    • about 1 kg of chicken fillet or breasts;
    • 50 ml of white wine;
    • 100 ml of olive oil;
    • 50 ml of lemon juice;
    • 3 cloves of garlic;
    • ½ tsp oregano;
    • ½ tsp thyme;
    • pepper and salt to taste.

    Cooking method:

    1. Chicken fillet cut into small cubes approximately 2x2 centimeters.
    2. Peel and chop the garlic using a knife, garlic press or blender.
    3. Prepare the marinade by mixing olive oil, wine, lemon juice, chopped garlic, oregano, thyme, salt and pepper.
    4. Fill the chopped fillet with marinade and refrigerate for a couple of hours.
    5. String cubes on wooden skewers and grill souvlaki on the grill.


    Fish souvlaki is also a tasty, light and healthy dish. For its preparation will require:

    • 500 grams of fish fillets;
    • 1 clove of garlic;
    • rind of one lemon;
    • 4-5 tablespoons of olive oil;
    • tablespoon of lemon juice;
    • ground pepper;
    • half a teaspoon of dry oregano;
    • sea ​​salt to taste.

    How to cook? It's simple:

    1. We should also write about fish. In general, in Greece, traditionally use swordfish, but it can be replaced by some other, but by all means sea (the river has not the most pleasant smell and smack), white and oily (lean can become very dry when cooked). So, the fillet must be cut into small cubes.
    2. Now cook the marinade. Peel and chop the garlic in any convenient way. Next, mix it with lemon zest (it should be rubbed on a fine grater), lemon juice, oregano, olive oil, sea salt and pepper.
    3. Dip into the marinade cut fish and leave for about 20 minutes (with longer marinating the fish can become dry).
    4. Now, slice the pieces on the skewers and fry the souvlaki on the coals or on the grill.

    How to serve?

    Souvlaki are usually served either directly on skewers with lemon slices and white bread (sometimes the snack is combined with salads or other dishes) or in the drink along with the filling, the role of which can be played by tomatoes, onions, potatoes, sweet pepper, lettuce leaves. Also attached is a sauce, for example, ketchup, tzatziki or mustard.

    Helpful Tips

    A few recommendations:

    • Souvlaki can be cooked on the grill, but then they can be quite dry. You can also use the oven, the meat will preserve its juiciness and aroma, but it will not smell like coal.
    • Cutting meat is so small is quite difficult, so take a sharp knife, it will be much more convenient and easier to work with it.
    • Use tender meat, as the veiny will turn out dry and tough.
    • Olive oil can be replaced with conventional sunflower or some other, but in Greece it is used olive, and its aroma is unique.
    • Do not forget to regularly turn the kebabs so that they are roasted evenly.
    • Some cooks soak skewers in water for five or ten minutes, which makes them more slippery and also allows steaming meat or fish slightly from the inside during cooking (due to evaporating moisture).But if you use lean meat, then instead of water you can use olive oil, then the pieces will quickly be removed from the skewers and soaked with oil from the inside.
    • You can also put onions or vegetables on skewers with fish or meat, for example, slices of tomatoes, eggplant rings, Bulgarian pepper.

    Be sure to try to cook this amazing Greek dish, it's so simple!

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