• Scenario for Halloween in a school for children. Scary ideas for a Halloween scenario for teens, youth and students

    SHSh-006The script for Halloween for children in primary school should be not so much scary as interesting, bright and optimistic. The darkest and most terrifying shades of the holiday can be safely left for teenagers, young people and students. These guys are no longer scared when they see Halloween in a dark room or a classroom of a buddy with vampire teeth or a girlfriend who is seething on a broomstick. Rather, on the contrary, they will enjoy entertainment with a mystical hue, and they will appreciate the cool jokes and jokes from a series of black humor.

    Children's Halloween scenario at school - interesting ideas for the holiday

    Children's Halloween script at school is designed very carefully and responsibly.The program must include mobile games, simple quizzes and fun contests in which the children demonstrate dexterity, skill and versatile creative abilities. Too scary and dark themes on Halloween should not get involved. Impressive kids can simply be frightened by excessively eerie heroes and the holiday will be spoiled by psychological stress and tears.


    It's better to build a school script for Halloween in a more cheerful manner, and place the venue with bright, ripe pumpkins, images of positive mystical characters and gold lanterns. In a relaxed and pleasant environment, elementary school students will easily relax and take all events as an exciting, fun and very interesting game.
    This format of the event in an accessible form will introduce the children to the ancient European traditions associated with Halloween, and will stimulate a desire to study in more detail the customs of other peoples, which have become very popular in modern society.


    Separately have to take care of the prize fund. The reward for successful performance and correct answers to riddles will be thematic soft toys, sweets and fruit.Children will be very pleased to receive for the performance of the number on Halloween, not only a compliment and applause, but also a small souvenir.

    Halloween scenario for high school students and teenagers - how to spend a holiday at school


    The scenario for Halloween for high school students and teenagers is usually prepared in advance. The theme of the party at school is chosen in accordance with the wishes of the children. Boys and girls aged 13-17 prefer to combine musical and song numbers with humorous scenes, funny games and funny quizzes. Great success on the eve of Halloween are contests for the most terrible costume, the most frightening make-up, the most terrible story and the most powerful magic spell. Collective competitions are perceived just as well. This stimulates the guys in the spirit of rivalry and healthy adventurism, contributes to the manifestation of ingenuity, activates creative thinking and teaches the team play.


    Often, the main theme of the party for Halloween at school is a witch's witches or a vampire ball. Such scenarios require appropriate decorations, a specific make-up and, of course, carnival costumes.All of this can be rented at a festive event agency, bought at a store or made at home by hand from accessible materials at hand, following the tips and recommendations of instructions with photo and video workshops.

    If Halloween is held for a separate class, it makes sense to combine the cultural program with a sweet table and add an interesting and enjoyable contest to the scenario of the event for the most terrible, but very tasty dish.

    Unusual Halloween scenario for youth and students


    Black humor, naughty jokes and not offensive pugulka-these are the three pillars that form the basis of the Halloween scenario for young people and students. As a holiday theme, you can use the famous works of classical Gothic authors, for example, play a party in the style of the stories about Frankenstein or make a statement of the famous “Ball of Satan” from the novel “Master and Margarita” by Mikhail Bulgakov. True, this will require specific large-scale scenery and beautiful themed costumes. But does such a trifle stop the purposeful, creative and creative youth who are seriously tuned in to how to have fun at the most frightening and gloomy holiday of the year?

    No less interesting and original will look like the youth scenario of Halloween, which includes the election of all sorts of Miss and Misters. True, this time not the first beauties and beauties will receive the highest balls and prizes, but the exact opposite. The Most Toothed Vampire, The Scariest Witch, The Bloodiest Maniac, The Most Innocent Victim, and The Spider Who weaves the Huge Spiderweb will rise to the podium.


    For a change, it makes sense to include in the Halloween script a visit to the “Room of Fear”, which you will need to organize in one of the classrooms of the school. Exhibits will have to do with their own hands from the materials at hand and here you will need to include all your imagination. Well, those who pass all the nooks of a scary room, and never cry out from the sacred horror, should definitely be encouraged with tasty prizes and small memorable souvenirs in the spirit of Halloween.

    The worst Halloween scenario - what to come up with for school


    For elementary school children it is better to develop an interesting, fun, easy and not gloomy program of the holiday. A scary script on Halloween is to save for teenagers, youth and students.This public already has a developed psyche, adequately perceives black humor and calmly treats unexpected joke from friends.

    • "Halloween Horror".For the script, one of the school premises is decorated under an old abandoned building. The top light is removed completely, and instead it is left only candles placed in pumpkin lanterns. Participants sit in a circle in the center of the room and tell each other the most terrible and terrible urban legends. Each story is surely illustrated with a costumed mini-scene or pantomime. At the end of the festive program on the occasion of Halloween at school, they choose the author of the most terrible and most realistic story. He receives the Alfred Hitchcock Medal and the title of "Keeper of Urban Legends".
    • “Halloween Filming”. This script invites young people to take part in the casting for the main role in the horror film. Several students take on the role of producers, and all the others perform their original and unexpected tasks. One has to show how a person turns into a werewolf, others - to play the role of vampires and try to bite the victim by the throat, the third - to fly on a broomstick and read the most terrible spells from the Necronomicon.At the end of the Halloween party, the winner is announced, who, according to the jury, coped with each task better than anyone else.
    • "Zombie Apocalypse for Halloween."According to the requirements of this scenario, the guys dress up in bloody rags of zombies, make suitable makeup and wander around the room, making horrible sounds and trapping their companions around the school. To escape from the tenacious paws of zombie monsters, you need to cajole them — read a verse, sing a song, tell a scary story, or make a magic potion. The program is somewhat of a loose character, as it has no clear boundaries and for the most part is based solely on improvisation. This version of the school script for Halloween is very suitable for creative people with a rich imagination, developed intellect and wide creative abilities.

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