• Salad with crab sticks "Extravaganza of taste"

    I would like to share with you a recipe for a salad of crab sticks, which is called the "Enchanting spectacle." This snack is also called a vinaigrette with crab sticks. And all because of its composition is boiled beets. In principle, this salad can be served as a festive table, and everyday dinner.

    For cooking you will need the following components:

    - crab sticks - 200 g;

    - boiled beet medium size - 2 pcs .;

    - squid - 100 g;

    - pickled cucumbers - 2 pcs .;

    - boiled carrots - 1 pc .;

    - onion - 1 head;

    - vegetable oil - 3-4 tbsp. l .:

    - salt to taste.

    Slice the crab sticks as small as possible. Peel the beets and carrots and chop them into squares of the same size. Onions chop into thin half-rings, pickled cucumbers into strips or cubes.

    Rinse the squids (if they are freshly frozen) under running water, remove the chiffon and lower the carcass into boiling water for 60-90 seconds. It is not recommended to boil seafood longer, otherwise it will become “rubber”. Cold squid cut into strips.When all the ingredients are ready, mix them in a deep salad bowl, sprinkle with sunflower oil and spices to taste. Stir and serve again.

    If you are going to serve a snack on a festive table, you can put it on a flat plate, giving it some intricate shape.

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