• Ribbed Shorts

    Perhaps every person can find old clothes, which have long been asking for scrap. Often, people immediately throw out old blouses, shirts and jeans instead of giving them a second life. This master class will not only help you step by step to make shorts out of old jeans, but also teach you how to embroider them with ribbons. Such a creative approach will make a seemingly unnecessary thing - unique and fashionable, without putting much effort. What do we need for this? Old jeans - 1 piece;Red tape, 5 mm. - 12 m.; Tape green, 5 mm. - 16 m. Beige tape, 5 mm. - 12 m. Ribbon pink, 5 mm. - 12 m. Chinese beads, gold - 50 beads; Muline thread - 5 m. Supporting materials Needle for embroidery with ribbons - 1 pc .; Needle for beadwork - 1pc .; Invisible - 8 pcs. Also included is a sketch of the work. The green arrows indicate the direction of embroidery of the leaves of roses.
    Progress 1) Erase the jeans, dry them. Making the markup, in order to cut the leg exactly.Just in case, take a distance more - this will prevent you from unpleasant surprises.
     Old Jeans
    2) We cut the trouser legs to size, measures. If everything is fine, cut the length you wanted.
     Crop trousers
    3) Turn the hem of the trousers, fasten it with invisible. We will begin processing the edge at the very end of the work.
     Tightening the edge of the trousers
    4) Make a marking on the trouser leg, according to the sketch. This will prevent mistakes and perform the work clearly and beautifully. We begin to embroider the trouser leg with ribbons. Take the red ribbon and expand first the closed rose buds. To do this, fasten the tape from the inside, bring up, perform a large stitch. Two subsequent ones, on the left and right sides, are doing less.
     fasten the ribbon
    5) Next, proceed to the embroidery of the roses themselves. To do this, we fix the thread on the wrong side, bring it up, and imitate with subsequent stitches a kind of “sun”. Make sure that the number of stitches from the middle is odd,otherwise, roses will not work when embroidered.
     proceed to the embroidery of the roses themselves
    6) Continue to embroider the roses and buds around the perimeter, according to a sketch. We pass to the cuttings. To do this, first green ribbon, embroider cuttings at all buds.
     to expand roses
    7) Next, expand the leaves according to the direction. If they are uneven - do not worry, the variety and twist of the ribbons will look spectacular, because in nature there is no symmetry.  embroider the leaves
    the second part of the leg
    Go to the decoration
    8) In the same way, expand the second hour pant legs, remember that the pattern should somehow flow from one pant leg to another.
     We sew the center of roses with beads
    9) Go to the decoration . To begin flossing floss path from the base of the bud to the leaves atroses. Consider the fact that one stitch looks messy, make a few, which will smoothly transform into each other. We extend the middle of roses with beads. For small roses, use three beads, for large roses - you can take five. Fasten the thread inside out, bring it out, grab the bead and bring the needle back inside out. The next time, repeat the same - the same actions, but before you bring the needle inside out - thread the needle into the previous bead. This technique of beading is called "circular" - it provides a smooth transition and a tight fit of beads to each other.
    We sew the middle of roses with beads
    11) In order to complete the shorts - you can sew their tucked edges with your own hands, on a typewriter or simply carry them to the atelier - and your creative and exclusive shorts will be ready!
     Ribbon-embroidered shorts

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