• Refrigerator decor: how to make it a highlight of the kitchen interior

    At the moment, one cannot say that there is a shortage of equipment in the stores. But all of it is mostly monotonous and does not look very interesting. Therefore, the decor of the refrigerator with your own hands is more relevant than ever.


    To get a cheerful unitin the style of country will need acrylic enamel, gouache and acrylic lacquer for fixing.

    If you wish, you can even achieve the fact that the refrigerator will not look like itself - rather, like a painted cupboard or sideboard!


    If the kitchen is made in a modern style, then the drawing on the refrigerator should not have small details, as this will make the interior less holistic.

    Such an original solution would be very appropriate in styles such as English and loft.

    How to decorate the refrigerator so that it looks impressive? Use airbrush! With it, you can get pictures of any complexity.

    Everyone chooses their own theme.If you are not confident in your abilities, you should contact the designers!


    The cheapest way to decorate an old refrigerator is to stick on it finished vinyl stickers or self-adhesive film. In the second case, the design of the device will change completely. The refrigerator can become "stone", "leopard" and even "wooden." Stickers will make the product more attractive.

    Today there is a huge number of ready-made solutions to choose from, plus everything else, you can order photo printing with your own design

    Most Popular Images:

    • Marine life;
    • flowers;
    • cats;
    • birds;
    • butterflies.

    In addition to stickers, you can put glitter, rhinestones or ribbons on the refrigerator. You can draw a drawing with paints or a marker.

    Everything is also decorated traditionally with matting of crystalline, a bit of black stained glass film for ornament and a special graphic design and very small rhinestones.

    Old fridge can be painted. Such a fridge can be a bright accent on a white kitchen, or it can fit in well and look harmonious in a bright kitchen.


    Decoupage is a decoration technique that involves cutting out various images from paper. These images stick directly on the refrigerator.

    Decoupage allows you to create a unique image of technology that fits exactly to your interior!

    Decoupage a fridge is a great way to try yourself as an artist or designer. Such techniques as gilding or aging can also be used. Volumetric decoupage implies the use of model mass.

    Where to get pictures? The first option is to purchase beautiful multi-layered napkins. In this case, it is necessary to separate the first layer with a picture, cut it out and paste it on the refrigerator with the help of PVA. After the glue dries, varnish is applied to the image in several layers.

    The second option is to print the image you like on the printer. Paper fit ordinary office. Then the following steps are taken:

    1. Varnish the printout several times.
    2. Wait until it dries out.
    3. Dip a sheet in a bowl of water.
    4. Put a towel on the table and place a wet picture on it, the image should look down.
    5. Roll the layers of the paper base with your hands.
    6. Should remain a thin film of acrylic with the image - and it is glued to the refrigerator.

    Separating a paper base is a complex process.Therefore, it is recommended to prepare two printouts. On one of them it will be possible to practice.


    The magnetic board will make the kitchen a bit like Italian restaurants. Why not? A whiteboard is a great way to decorate a fridge. It costs only 400-800 rubles. Also everyone can make such board independently. All you need is magnetic ink and MDF sheet. The board is cut directly from MDF sheet.

    Then it is necessary to process the edges and apply a magnetic paint to the product in several layers. It remains only to wait until the board is dry and you can use! You can purchase and finished product. The magnetic board can be a marker board or a slate (for drawing with chalk).

    The slate is black. Scratched drawings, chalked, wet sponge. Stand for sponges and crayons, too, is attached to the refrigerator on a magnet.

    Whiteboard - a more modern version. Included is a special sponge and markers.

    The novelty offered by the stores is a multi-colored marker board. It will make any fridge bright and attractive.


    Painting the refrigerator is perhaps the most difficult way, because not only imagination is required, but also initial skills in handling brushes and paints. Decorate the refrigerator can be painted. Different types of paints are used for this:

    • stained glass;
    • oil;
    • acrylic.

    Compared with such techniques as decoupage, painting requires a certain skill. If you are not confident in your abilities, use the templates. Popular as images on an abstract theme - abstraction, copies of famous paintings, and the image of kitchen utensils.

    So, there are many ways to make a homely monochrome refrigerator a real work of art. However, most decorating techniques can be learned independently.

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