• Red pepper tincture for hair

    Hot pepper, in pure form, in powder or in the form of tincture, is a widely used drug that has received support, recognition and distribution thanks to both traditional and traditional medicine. Such a demand among representatives of usually irreconcilable trends is quite understandable.

    Red pepper is a universal set of all the most useful for humans vitamins, minerals, fats and acids, which allow this vegetable to develop a wide range of useful, and sometimes healing properties for the whole organism and for its individual organs.

    And for those who want to get thick, long and strong hair - this is a great and sometimes the only option. What is the secret of beneficial action?

    Red pepper tincture for hair

    Useful substances contained in pepper

    Of course, the whole secret lies in the chemical composition of pepper. For those who like to know all the details of the mechanism of efficiency, it will be interesting to know what this wonderful vegetable is concealing in itself. Substances are listed as their amount in hot pepper is reduced.

    • Vitamin B4, also known as choline, is responsible for metabolic processes, improves blood circulation, and accordingly strengthens the hair follicles.
    • Beta-carotene is not a pure form of vitamins, it is a plant pigment from the group of carotenoids. Helps strengthen hair, preventing hair loss, adds shine.
    • Vitamin B6 or pyridoxine has a pronounced therapeutic property due to anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. Used in the treatment of seborrhea. In its pure form, the vitamin helps smoothing split ends.
    • Vitamin C. Red pepper contains it 3.5 times more than lemon. In addition to the well-known fact that this vitamin is a stimulator of the immune system No. 1, it should be noted that in the application for the hair it is an antioxidant and an aid in making the curls silky and shiny.
    • Vitamin PP or nicotinic acid is the engine of hair growth. Strengthens hair follicles, promotes blood circulation in the roots, accelerates growth, is used in the treatment of baldness.
    • Calcium is a structural element of the hair, respectively, helps to strengthen them.
    • Zinc is responsible for metabolic processes, cell renewal, the functioning of the sebaceous glands, hair growth and strength.
    • Potassium is responsible for the stability of the roots and shine hair.
    • Phosphorus stimulates hair growth and gives it color and shine.
    • Selenium is considered a kind of building material of our curls, and, therefore, helps to strengthen the roots and improve the hair structure.

    Hot pepper can rightly be called a vitamin beauty set.

    But all these useful ingredients have such an effect due to the main difference between pepper and all other gifts of nature and the chemical industry - this is the presence of capsaicin in it. It is this substance that makes masks with red hot pepper tincture so incredibly effective.

    Mechanism of action

    Acuity and burning effect is a guarantee of 100% efficiency of pepper in the fight for thick and strong hair. This result is achieved due to the content of the alkaloid capsaicin, which is a stimulator of nerve endings, a stimulant and an activator of the work of the follicles.

    Getting on the skin, this substance warms, accelerates blood circulation, improves metabolic processes, contributing not only to an increase in hair growth rates, but also helps to awaken dormant bulbs.The blood rushes to the place of burning, thereby saturating the skin cells and hair follicles with oxygen, which ultimately helps all vitamins and microelements to be absorbed more intensively into the skin and hair, improving and restoring their structure. And this suggests that with the system and proper use in the near future you will be able to gain a dream hairstyle. What are the basic rules for using red pepper tincture?

    Red pepper tincture for hair

    Tips for use and precautions

    The first and most important thing is to check the body's response to the effects of red pepper, if there are allergies. It is very simple to do this: put a few drops on the back of your hand and wait. If within 5-10 minutes the skin remains in the same state and is not swollen with the appearance of intolerable itching, redness and burning, then you can carefully make masks using tincture.

    In order to avoid injury to hair and burn skin, pepper tincture is best used in combination with other ingredients, but not in its pure form.

    Use masks on the basis of tincture of red pepper should be carefully.

    • Since the substances in pepper cause an increase in blood circulation and stimulate blood flow, hypertensive patients should use tincture with caution,after all, additional irritation of the scalp can cause pressure surges. Therefore, the main rule here is to listen to your body and monitor its reaction.
    • If, when applied to the scalp, you feel that it is impossible to tolerate a burning sensation, then it is better to reduce the concentration of the tincture in the composition of the prepared mask. In this case, gradual is best. Burning should be easy without acute pain.
    • In order to avoid irritation of the skin of the hands - it is better to use latex gloves.
    • The scalp should be whole and healthy: without wounds and scratching.
    • Apply carefully, avoiding contact with pepper on mucous membranes.
    • Rubbed directly into the roots, avoiding contact with the length of the hair. Since the main goal is to shake and nourish the roots, and if you hit the tips you can cause a back reaction - to dry them, make them brittle and powerless.
    • Even with the greatest desire to get long hair and voluminous hairstyle you need to remember that masks with pepper cannot be used more often 4-8 times a month. Otherwise, you can dry out your skin and hair.

    The pattern of use of masks:

    • For normal hair type - 7 days 1 time.
    • For dry - in 10 days 1 time.
    • For fatty - in 7 days 2 times.

    The course must be held within 1-2 months, then a month break. Then, if desired, repeat.

    If your hair gets greasy very quickly, then try to slightly increase the concentration of homemade tincture or in case the tincture is purchased, then increase its percentage in the thinning mask. And in such cases it is worth to wait with the use of masks containing oils, they are best replaced with grass decoction. If the hair is dry, then the tincture can be diluted with water in the ratio of 1: 1.

    To enhance the effect of capsaicin, the mixture can be slightly heated. For maximum benefit, you can pre-lubricate the tips with any oil that nourishes and moisturizes them, and then rub the mixture with hot pepper into the scalp. Thus, you will achieve a double effect: the follicles will come to life and feed, and the structure of the hair along the entire length will be restored.

    How to independently prepare the tincture of hot pepper

    Pepper tincture can be purchased in finished form at a pharmacy, and you can make yourself.

    • Add to 100g of top quality vodka 1 chopped medium sized pepper pod.Insist in a glass jar for 2 weeks in a dark place.
    • You can put 2 large pods directly in a 0.5 liter bottle of vodka (the pepper can be either fresh or dried). Insist 2-3 weeks.
    • Pepper tincture can be made and 90% alcohol. Finely chop the red pepper in a ratio of 1:10, throw it into a container with alcohol and send it to a dark place for a week. The finished tincture after the time you need to strain. Now you can safely use it.

    Red pepper tincture for hair

    Recipes to strengthen and stimulate hair growth using pepper tincture

    Burdock mask

    Burdock oil, water and pepper tincture - we take everything in an equal percentage, depending on the length of the hair, on average 3 tbsp is enough. each ingredient. Apply for 20 minutes to the roots under a plastic bag.

    Mask with olive oil

    If you only occasionally have anxiety about the loss of a small amount of hair, then this mask will help you. At 1 tbsp. pepper tincture add 1 chicken yolk, 1 tsp. olive oil - mix and apply for half an hour exclusively on the root zone.

    Pepper-Castor Mask

    Take in equal proportions pepper tincture and castor oil, add egg yolk, mix until smooth. Rubbed and leave for 30-40 minutes.

    Mask with aloe

    Aloe moisturizes and reduces the aggressive effects of pepper. For the mask you need to take aloe and tincture in the same quantity, add the yolk, mix and rub into the roots. Hold for 20-30 minutes.

    Yeast Mask with Hot Pepper

    Dilute yeast (2 tablespoons) in preheated milk, leave to come up in a warm place for half an hour. Then divide the yeast base in half: in 1 portion add 1 tbsp. tinctures of hot pepper and rubbed into the roots, and the second in its pure form is distributed over the entire length of the hair. Yeast contains a lot of substances and elements that are beneficial to the health and beauty of hair, which is reflected in the visual effect after the first use of this mask.

    Mask with pepper and honey

    Mix natural honey and pepper tincture in the calculation of 3: 1. Rub the mixture into the roots and wrap the hair in a towel for 30 minutes.

    Mask based on pepper tincture and henna

    Henna is known for its beneficial effects on hair, and in combination with pepper, it is an effective firming agent in the square and a protective mechanism against external negative effects. Pepper tincture and henna are mixed in a ratio of 2 to 1. To make the mass uniform, add water or kefir.The consistency should be like sour cream. Rub into the roots and hold for 2 hours. As a result, the hair becomes soft, silky, and the follicles come to life and become more active.

    Kefir mask with pepper

    Such a mask is effective in the case of greasy and lifeless hair. Mix kefir and tincture in equal proportions, we will be sufficient for 2 tablespoons of each ingredient. We heat, rub into dry scalp, wrap hair and hold for 2-3 hours.

    Kefir mask with peppermint tincture and mustard

    Mustard and pepper is a stimulator of blood circulation, and as a result - growth and strengthening of hair. Kefir makes them docile and silky. Mix the dried mustard (1 tsp), tincture (2 tablespoons) and kefir (3 tablespoons) - rub the resulting mass into the roots and hold for 30-40 minutes, my head.

    Yeast Honey Milk Mask

    The mask is used to feed the roots. In warm milk, dilute 1 tablespoon of yeast and add 1 teaspoon of natural honey. We give half an hour of time for the yeast to become active in the heat. Then we get and add pepper tincture - 2 tablespoons. All carefully mixed and applied exclusively on the roots for 1 hour.

    Red pepper tincture for hair

    Vitamin mask with pepper

    Such a complex blow to the hair will bring any hair back to life. We take pepper tincture (2 tablespoons), add there vitamins B6 and B1, one ampoule each, and vitamins A and E - 10 drops each. We maintain on the root zone for 1.5-2 hours.

    Benefit from using a tincture of red pepper

    The nourishing and stimulating effect of masks is a warming effect that expands the pores and helps vitamins and microelements to get inside the hair follicles, strengthening and awakening to life. As a result of the systematic and correct use of red pepper tincture as part of a mask, you get a stunning and desirable visual effect based on:

    • Strengthening the roots that will relieve hair loss.
    • Treatment of dandruff and seborrhea.
    • Stabilization of the functioning of the sebaceous glands.
    • Stimulating hair growth.
    • Awakening of inactive follicles.
    • Improving the structure of the hair and giving it a healthy look.

    It turns out that the health and beauty of the hair (excluding cases of internal disorders in the functioning of the body) is in your hands.

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