• Rattan as a material for wicker furniture

    Rattan is an excellent natural material designed for the manufacture of furniture, distinguished by its strength, long service life and beautiful appearance.

    Rattan stems are related plants of ordinary tropic vines. This is one of the longest plants, since its height can sometimes be hundreds of meters. The most common plant in Southeast Asia, Indonesia, the Philippines.

    This plant is most suitable for wicker furniture because of its remarkable properties: flexibility, durability, durability, environmental friendliness. ROTANG is very easy to handle.

    Rattan furniture is in demand in all countries of the world due to its advantages:

    1) Lightweight products. This is an undoubted advantage, because there are no problems with transportation, it is convenient to rearrange the furniture as often as you want, and without the risk of spoiling the flooring, there are no difficulties with cleaning the room,in which the wicker furniture is located. An artificial rattan sofa can be easily moved around the room.

    2) Rattan furniture is usually suitable for any room design, as it goes well with any materials used for decorating rooms.

    3) All pieces of furniture from this raw material are made by hand, which means that weaving each of them is individual and unique. The second such pattern will simply not be found. Therefore, rattan furniture can definitely be called exclusive.

    4) Rattan is an environmentally friendly material that can be used without worrying about your health.

    5) This furniture has a high level of strength and resistance to significant loads, is not afraid of high humidity and temperature changes. The approximate period of operation can be more than twenty years.

    6) Aesthetic appeal - the undisputed advantage of wicker furniture, which has long been a recognized fact.

    The process of making rattan products is quite simple. At first weave a basis from the raw material of this plant, then the skeleton is doped from above by the same stems, but thinner.As a fastener pins are used. Then, almost the finished product is painted with a special varnish, it can be colored or transparent.

    Wicker rattan furniture does not need thorough care, you just need to clean it from dust and dirt with a damp cloth or sponge. A beeswax will help get rid of any damage to the surface.

    The sale of artificial rattan furniture at Astelamebel.ru will give you the opportunity to purchase quality furniture at a low price.

    Rattan weave a wide variety of pieces of furniture, right up to headsets and office furniture. It can even be a bed or a wardrobe that will harmoniously fit into any decor.

    Also wicker furniture can be found in places such as cafes, restaurants and other places for public rest.

    This is the most successful version of the furniture for the dacha, because it can be used not only indoors, but also on the street due to its qualities and lightness. The only condition is to prevent direct sunlight in order to eliminate the possibility of fading, as well as to ensure that such furniture does not fall under the rain.From increased humidity it will not suffer, but it can deteriorate if it gets very wet.

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