• Quiz: Do you know traffic signs well?

    The first road signs are considered to be wooden or stone landmarks, denoting segments of the path. Later they were added pointers with the names of places or settlements.

    The oldest rules of the road and signs of their adjustment appeared at the end of the XVII century in Lisbon. They were installed by order of the King of Portugal, Peter II, and regulated the order of movement along the narrowest streets of the city.

    Road signs, similar to modern ones, appeared at the end of the XIX century and were intended for bicycle drivers. Basically, these were signs warning them of dangers: steep slopes, cliffs or hills.
    In the XX century, the number of cars on the roads was such that it took to introduce the rules of the road in many European countries.

    Since not all 100% of the adult population can read, signs were made graphically so that any person, even a foreigner, could understand them.

    Can you understand what the signs in our test mean? Check yourself!

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