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    Join the culture? Then you should definitely visit the opera, theater, cinema, ballet. After getting acquainted with all this, you will understand what a musical is and what its highlight is. After all, he absorbs the art of theater / cinema, music, choreography. Read more in the article.
    Often people leave such a trace after their active life that their names become nominal and pass through the times. The same story and the word "patron". Read in the article who is a "philanthropist", where did this word come from and why.
    Some words can confuse us, frightening us with our novelty, although the concept of these words can be very familiar and be called familiar words. Well, what is a nevus in your opinion? But this is nothing but a speck that occurs on the body of every adult. Read more in the article.
    The minimum wage is a strange word. But this is not a word, but an abbreviation. And it should have its own decoding, which will tell us about what the minimum wage is. On the minimum size of the payment of labor - read the article.
    Oh, this world of technology, how many new words and terms it brings to our life with new opportunities. A laptop is another & laquo; child & raquo; our modern world. So what is a laptop and who came up with this word? Learn from the article.
    We live in cities and settlements, surrounded by buildings, houses, architectural monuments. It seems to us that it is very simple: to invent-build. In fact, this whole art, which is calculated, calculated and implemented a lot of work. Let's find out what architecture is.
    Few people know what a flag is or, at least, have not seen this item. But it’s so interesting not only what it is, but also where this concept came from and why the flag is called a phage, not a broom, for example.
    How often now we hear reproaches at someone’s address: "She is so mercantile ...", "And they pursue mercantile interest" & raquo ;. But not everyone understands the meaning of the word “commercialism”. What is it? The word may not be known, but I really know the concept. Find out in the article.
    Now we are watching domestic cartoons about Alyosha Popovich, Tugarin, Ilya Muromets, Prince Vladimir, etc. on TV.And only a few know that Russian epics serve as the basis for them, who sang the bravery of the heroes and narrated their achievements. So what is epics? Read the article.
    When asked what a tatami is, many will simply say that these are mats laid out in the gym. In part, maybe this is the right answer, but the tatami story is of a slightly different nature.

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