• Psychology and relationships

    There are even special tricks to do. By studying psychology, you can learn to manipulate people, competently and tactfully refuse, fall in love with yourself, recognize what kind of people surround you. To understand how this is done, it is necessary to begin, of course, with simpler things.

    Communication is formal and informal. Formal communication implies communication at work, with unfamiliar people, at school. There is no familiarity, lovely nicknames. But in the presence of such words as "sorry", "please", "whether it does not complicate you." Informal communication is communication with relatives, in a family, in the company of old friends, where you behave as you used to.

    There are several rules of communication that will help to win over a person

    1. Communicate on equal terms, calmly and without servility.
    2. Listen to the interlocutor to the end, do not interrupt, respect his opinion.
    3. Do not find out the relationship, do not prove your case.
    4. Do not order, and voice the request.
    5. Appreciate the experience of others.
    6. Respect other people's decisions.
    7. Try to find a compromise.

    It happens that a person is difficult to start a conversation. Help him, start yourself with some abstract topic. And remember: psychology shows that in every person you need to see a person with his character, try to look at things through the eyes of this person. Respect others, and then they will respect you. If you show your interest in things that are interesting to the interlocutor, it will arrange it in your direction even more.

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