• Proven tool that will help reanimate even hopeless indoor plants

    Unfortunately, indoor plants sometimes get sick. If you observe the correct mode of daylight and watering, and the green wards continue to wither, refer to the proven remedy - amber acid. The drug stimulates the growth of all plants and helps them to better cope with stress.

    In modern conditions, succinic acid is most often synthesized by artificial means, processing maleic anhydrite. Do not think that the drug is made from natural amber and it costs a lot of money. You can purchase this effective remedy at a pharmacy or gardening shop without risking a dent in the budget.

    If you buy acid in the form of tablets, not powder, be sure to rub them before dissolving in water.Combine succinic acid with other types of dressings, and the plants will delight you with an excellent appearance. The drug has a positive effect on the microflora of the soil, killing dangerous to the plant toxins. This dressing helps the flowers to more easily cope with such stress factors as overheating, excessive moisture and high nitrogen content in the soil. Plants take root better and also acquire strong immunity, thanks to which they independently resist pests.

    The optimal concentration for feeding - 1 gram of acid, diluted in a liter of warm water. If the plant needs to be reanimated or saved from pests, increase the dose to 2-2.5 grams per liter. A solution of standard concentration can be used for soaking the roots (during the day) before transplanting. Do not store the prepared solution for more than one or two days, because over time its effectiveness decreases.

    Succinic acid in the concentration that is recommended for feeding is absolutely safe for humans.

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