• Power Balance: how to distinguish a fake?

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    Power Balance: how to distinguish a fake?

    Power Balance is a unique thing that can normalize a person’s energy balance. As a result, the owner of the bracelet will be less prone to stress and depression. The demand for this bracelet is huge, so you can easily buy a copy instead of the original. Below will be described how to distinguish a fake Power Balance.

    Signs of the Original Power Balance

    The original Power Balance bracelet has several signs that you need to know before you buy it. In this case, the purchase will really benefit and the money will not be wasted.


    First of all, you should pay attention to the hologram. On the original decoration its quality will be much higher than that of a fake, so the real Power Balance is simply impossible to miss. Also on the original, on the background under the logo, you can find the recurring inscription "AUTHENTIC GENUINE".


    It is important to know that there are embossed marks on the real decoration. Among them are the following:

    • Size mark (on the inside of the bracelet, the letter M is pressed out (S, L, etc.)
    • The letter "e" (on the inside of a thing, the letter "e" is squeezed out on the thickening, while there is no such label on the fake of this tag.) However, there are bracelets of the Special Edition series, there is no such sign on them. On the Game Day series bracelets there is neither the size nor the letter "e". And bracelets of the Evolution series do not have the inscription Power Balance at all. These little things also should be considered, otherwise you can just get confused and take the original for a fake.

    Verification code

    Inspect the box in which the decoration is. The original has a verification code, which consists of 24 digits. Go to the page and you canPower balancemake sure that the product is genuine, because after entering the code on the site will appear information about the bracelet. If nothing was found on the request, then you should forget the verification code on this page:. You will definitely see the data on the product that is in your hands. If after this nothing happened, then you are trying to sell a fake product. However, most often the fake has no code.

    Pay attention to the PB logo, located on the box: it must be glossy and shimmer. Also on it you can find stickers-locks: they must be round, located on both sides of the box and have an image with the Power Balance logo. Pay attention to the country in which the bracelet is made.This should be China with the obligatory inscription - under the control of the United States.

    Now there are a lot of fake goods, and in order not to run into them, you need to know the distinctive features of the original.

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