• Pinched nerve, what to do?

    Clamping, intervertebral disc, muscles, nerve branches, accompanied by aching or sharp pain, is called pinching of the nerve. Most often the nerve is pinched in the lumbar or cervical spine.

    When it comes to a pinched nerve, an attack of pain in the neck, back or lower back is implied. But you should know that pinching can provoke a malfunction of all internal organs, or even muscle numbness. If there was a pinching of the sensory nerve, then there is a sharp pain, and an urgent need to go to the doctor. In case of pinching of the autonomic or motor nerve, the pain is not so intense and patients prefer not to pay attention to it. In the near future, such an attitude will cause complications.

    Treatment of a pinched nerve

    1. In order to cure a pinched nerve, it is necessary, first of all, to release it from the clamping. To do this, use:
      • reflexology
      • physiotherapy
      • manual therapy
      • general and acupressure,
      • acupuncture,
      • shock wave therapy,
      • vibromassage,
      • electric massage.

      If there is no hernia or protrusion, then the pain syndrome can be easily stopped using manual therapy.

    2. But it is necessary not only to remove the pain, but also to restore all the functions of the pinched nerve. Nerve impulses must freely reach him.
    3. It is important to eliminate the reason for the pinched nerve.
    4. In the treatment of pinching, you need to undergo a course to restore the health of the entire spine.

    Factors affecting pinched nerve

    1. The reason that affected the pinched.
    2. The place where the nerve is pinched.
    3. What nerve pinched, autonomic, sensitive, motor.


    • The main symptom of pinching is pain in the place where the pinching occurred. Pain is stabbing, burning, cutting, shooting, paroxysmal, constant.
    • If a nerve that is in the lumbar region is pinched, then the patient complains of sharp painful shooting-ups giving to the thigh, buttock, leg.
    • If a nerve is pinched in the cervical vertebra, then the patient feels pain, which gives to the shoulder, under the scapula or forearm, and may increase with the movement of the neck or head.
    • Pinched nerve may be accompanied by a violation of cerebral circulation.This is indicated by dizziness, pressure drops, headaches, impaired vision or hearing.
    • If the nerve is pinched in the thoracic region, then pain is felt, such as intercostal neuralgia. Observed pain in the heart.

    Pinching the nerve. Causes

    1. The most common cause of pinching the nerve may be a disease such as osteochondrosis or disc hernia.
    2. When osteochondrosis decreases the height of the gap between the vertebrae and because of this, the vertebral body, the nerve is clamped.
    3. Still, with this disease, the disk may fall out or bulge, and this is also fraught with pinching of the nerve.
    4. Similarly, pinching may occur due to subluxation or displacement of the vertebrae. Pain is eliminated with the help of osteopathy or manual therapy.

    First aid for pinching the nerve

    If a person has a pinched nerve, and pinching is accompanied by severe pain, then you should, of course, call an ambulance. But, before the arrival of specialists, try to ease, if possible, the state. So let's consider what to do with a strong attack of pain.

    • Put the patient on a flat, hard surface, soothe. Let the person choose the position in which the emu is most comfortable.
    • Give the patient any pain medication.
    • You can give a sedative drink. After all, a person has experienced stress.
    • If there is a pinching of the cervical nerves, then the blood vessels can also be pinched. In this case, possible violations of the respiratory system. To alleviate the condition, release the chest from the clothes and open the window. Need fresh air.
    • Treatment of a pinched nerve must always be prescribed by a specialist. Do not forget to call an ambulance.

    Now you know what symptoms indicate that the nerve is pinched, what to do with pinching and how to give yourself first aid.

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