• Penelope Cruz showed very thin legs in a mini

    Spanish hot beauty is in great shape. It is a pity that Cruz rarely appears at social events, but all the more fans are happy to finally see her in all her glory. Recently, Penelope was appointed ambassador of the fashion house Chanel, and, of course, she could not miss the show of the brand, which was held during the Paris Haute Couture Week.

    The star chose a short pink tweed dress (because of this, she was called Barbie) for the release, and this also came as a surprise to everyone. After all, usually Penelope prefers maxi or midi options. The maximum that she can afford on the red carpet is a cut to the thigh. And, as it turned out, nothing! On her feet you can admire endlessly.

    Penelope Cruz
    A photo:Getty images
    Penelope Cruz
    A photo:Getty images

    True, some fans are worried: the figure of an actress seems to be very thinner. Her legs are probably no thicker than the 16-year-old Kaiya Gerber. And that, despite his young age, is constantly accused of anorexia.

    By the way, last summer on vacation, Cruz spotted a completely not perfect figure. However, then the actress could temporarily postpone diet and exercise and, accordingly, add a little weight, and secondly, the reporters found Penelope in a completely relaxed state, when she did not suspect that she was photographed.

    The main thing is that the star is now in shape and will give odds to even supermodels. And even more so many actresses and singers, which the mini is clearly contraindicated. Believe me, not everyone in short dresses or shorts look as gorgeous as Penelope Cruz. As proof of this - our photo gallery of stars, which would be better to hide their legs behind jeans or long skirts.

    Stars, which, unlike Penelope Cruz, mini is contraindicated

    Angelina Jolie is an American actress, UN Goodwill Ambassador. Weight loss actress reached with the help of diets and sports, not the stresses of divorce and disease. Angelina has almost no food restrictions.

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