• Pastry bag do it yourself

    Pastry bag do it yourselfPastry bag is an indispensable helper of any hostess who loves to bake cookies, cakes and cakes, decorating them with patterns of creams. It is a narrow bag of conical shape into which nozzles are inserted for decoration. Of course, you can buy it in the store, but it's easier and more interesting to make it yourself. Moreover, it is not so difficult. There are three ways of making: paper and bag and fabric. In our master class we will show you all the ways.

    How to make a pastry bag with your own hands out of paper

    1. You will need a triangular bag of baking paper. Put it to the base itself. Take one of the ends of the triangle and wrap it inside so that it connects to the top corner.
    2. Then take the second end of the triangle and wrap it around the resulting cone. Make sure all the ends of the triangle are connected at one point.

      How to make a pastry bag with your own hands out of paper

    3. Next, several times wrap the ends inside the bag to secure. You should have something like a cone.
    4. To place the nozzle in the bag, it is necessary to cut off its end by about two centimeters. Now you can fill it with cream. We promote the cream from the edges of the product to the nozzle and wrap the edges of the bag.

    You can see more in the video:


    How to make a pastry bag out of a plastic bag

    How to make a pastry bag out of a plastic bag
    You will need a plastic bag, paper and scissors. And, of course, the desire to create!

    1. In a plastic bag, cut the corner.How to make a pastry bag out of a plastic bag
    2. Take a thick paper and cut out of it small squares, from which twist the tips. If they keep bad, use glue. Cut the beak at the tips.
    3. Insert the handpieces into the bag, into the cut corner.
    4. Next, fill the container with cream half. Make a cut below. If you have special attachments, use scotch tape and attach them to the package.
    5. The corner of the package must be cut with scissors. And now you can start decorating baking.

    How to make a pastry bag out of a plastic bag
    You can use any plastic containers, for example, a bag of milk or ketchup, office file, etc.

    Confectionary Bag


    1. First you need to choose a fabric. See that it is well washed and does not fade.It is best to give preference to tick.
    2. Cut a triangle out of matter. Sew it into a cone. Cut the bottom corner.
    3. Now you need to sew the nozzle and bend the seams. Just do not turn out the work, otherwise the cream can be hammered into the seams.

    Confectionary BagSo our simple work is ready. Remember that after each use, the bag must be washed and then thoroughly dried. Pastry bags of paper and pouch are usually used for a short time, but they can easily be redone.
    Many people ask themselves: how to make jewelry with cream? Well, let's see.
    First you need to put a cap on the bag. Fill it with cream until the middle and close.
    It is necessary to make patterns with the left hand, and with the right to hold the bag and lightly press on it.
    You can draw any drawing on sweets, but stars and points are especially popular. To make a point, use the round nozzle. Squeeze out the point and stop the pressure on the bag by lifting it vertically. Similarly, you need to work with the stars. At excitement, the hand can tremble, thereby making the drawings blurry.To prevent this from happening, just put your left hand as a support. To apply small patterns and inscriptions, keep the nozzle close to the cake.
    That's all the secrets. It remains to wish the hostess delicious baking and creative flight of fantasy.

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