• Panda and other war coloring: how not to overdo it with makeup

    We remember 20 topical beauty tips and little make-up tricks from professional makeup artists.

    The main night of the year has passed, but this is no reason to forget about the beautiful and festive makeup. All New Year's holidays we advise you not to neglect the sparkles and bright hues in the makeup. But try not to overdo it. Otherwise, you will not only look ridiculous, but sometimes even terrifying!

    Experienced stylists and makeup artists shared their tips with readers of Woman’s Day: what should be more careful and how to make up for the best, so as not to turn a fashionable make-up into a war paint.

    Dina Valeeva, makeup artist-image maker:

    1.The "golden rule" of makeup: it is applied in daylight! Lamps give different effects and make-up can turn out to be caricatured bright or seem incomplete.

    2.The first and main mistake is an unwashed face. It is necessary to prepare it as a canvas for a picture - wash it thoroughly, wash off the remnants of past cosmetics, dust, street dirt from it.Use not only water, but also facial cleansers - lotions, tonics, micellar water.

    Photo: Getty Images

    3.Select the tone for your face according to your skin type - warm or cold. Bright orange spots or, on the contrary, too pale will look like war paint.

    4.Masking the "bags" under the eyes after parties and dancing until the morning, do not get carried away concealer! And then instead of a graceful make-up you will get the opposite effect - like that of a spectacled bear.

    5.Acne tonal cream do not gloss over! If you have skin problems, you first need to visit a dermatologist and fundamentally solve, rather than mask the problem. Foundation in this case, you can only use hypoallergenic and apply a thin layer to the entire face. And not on individual acne!

    6.If you are afraid to overdo it with the amount of cosmetics on the face and doubt the excessive brightness of the makeup, safely remove half! It’s better to have light makeup on you than a catwalk. It is good only for shows, and not for a holiday with friends, relatives.

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    Julia Krylova, personal stylist, professional makeup artist:

    7.Be careful with the fashionable and relevant today for using the highlighter.The main thing in all - to know when to stop! On a holiday, of course, you can enhance the effect of nacre on the cheeks, back of the nose, ears and lips, you can also add to the collarbone, neckline and hands. But do everything in moderation. In the evening light it may look ridiculous. And you need to be careful with the highlighter for people with oily and porous skin.

    8.At the height of fashion lipstick dark shades and unusual colors. This may be unusual for the perception of people who will be near you. Remember: New Year's holiday is not Halloween.

    9.Rhinestones - not a new trend, but very spectacular. Unleash the imagination by sticking them, but do not overdo it with the quantity.

    10.Expressive, broad eyebrows remain at the peak of popularity. If you did not have time to visit your eyebrow master, then feel free to arm yourself with a pencil or eyebrow shadows.

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    Albina Gayazova, stylist-image maker:

    11.Spectacular smoky eyes with the wrong approach will turn you into a panda. And all because of the fact that you make too clear and too thick "haze." Better shade the shadows, no need to strive for perfection.

    12.A bright eyeliner and strongly let down eyes are a sign of bad taste and inept hand. There is a rule of eyeliner: underscore the lower eyelid with a pencil - a liquid eyeliner is needed only for the upper eyelid. And make the line clear and complete.Line “stumps” do not paint anyone!

    13.Underlining the lower eyelid with shadows, avoid mother of pearl and bright blue shadows. Otherwise, you only highlight your wrinkles under the eyes.

    14.If you do not want cartoon eyebrows, select the color of the pencil 1-2 times darker than the main one. Focus on the color at the roots of hairs. And no unnecessarily clear stripes - makeup should be superimposed with light strokes.

    15. Eyebrow tattoo is a thing of the past. In a fashion - naturalness. It is better to emphasize the volume and color with a pencil and gel or eyebrow mousse than with a printed pattern.

    16.A lip liner should not be visible. If you want to make them visually puffier, take a pencil a tone lighter than lipstick. If you want clear lines, then the tone is darker. On the tone, and not a completely different shade! Otherwise, your mouth will look caricatured.

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    Anna Zotova, makeup artist-stylist:

    17.Going to a party - forget the lonely lip gloss. Use lipstick - the main make-up weapon of a woman. The gloss will disappear from your lips within 5 minutes after its application. You eat it yourself. As an option - use it in addition to lipstick. With a gloss over the base tone, the lips will become more seductive.

    18.Blush apply with a wide brush. So you gently blend cosmetics. Too sharp, bright cheekbones will create the effect of a special forces soldier and will look at least ridiculous. Unless, of course, you decided on an art-make-up.

    19.Bright colored shadows on the upper eyelid is the current trend of this year. If you are going to an equally bright party, you can experiment. But be careful with the application and the number of shadows, otherwise the fashionable look will turn into a war paint.

    20.False eyelashes are a thing of the past. Today it is a sign of a very bad taste. Highlight the natural beauty of eyelashes with mascara and skillful eyeliner or eyeliner.

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