Simple Clamp

Simple Clamp You can make a very useful and simple thing for your workshop in just a few minutes - it is a clamp from a piece of profile. With it, you can fix the workpiece from both metal and wood. So if you.

Gimlet Rule

Gimlet Rule Elena Lukash 1 March 2013 60368 Using the gimlet rule, they determine the directions of magnetic lines (in other words, they are also called magnetic induction lines) around a current-carrying conductor. Gimlet Rule: Definition The rule itself sounds like this: when the.

Proper care of the flower tsiperus

Proper care of tsiperus flower It's good that someone once thought of growing plants at home, though initially they were some medicinal herbs that were dying for the winter, and the need for them existed all year round. Over time, home flowers began to.

How to overcome the fear of the boss

How to overcome the fear of the boss? admin For some people, work is the meaning of life, to which they devote even their spare time to work. The development of innovative equipment, the desire to receive the Nobel Prize or the absence of.

How to soar legs

How to soar legs? Despite the fact that in the arsenal of modern medicine there are a lot of all kinds of effective drugs designed to combat colds, many of the folk remedies with which our great-grandmothers have treated the cold are still relevant.

Paper Flowers for Mother's Day

Flowers made of paper for Mother's Day Every woman is pleased to receive as a gift flowers made by the child’s hands - the embodiment of beauty and grace, a reflection of all the most beautiful things in the world. Particularly relevant is the.

Top 10 worst films of 2011-2012

Top 10 worst films of 2011-2012 If you like "horror films", but surely reviewed a lot of films of this genre. And if some of them have banal and beaten plots, others definitely deserve your attention. We offer you the top 10 worst horror.

What to make a bracelet

What to make a bracelet? Ivan Orlov March 26, 2013 Handmade always and everywhere valued dearly. What to make a bracelet with your own hands? As practice shows, it is not difficult, and materials for its manufacture can be very different. Materials What can.

We create a useful thing in the household from a plastic bottle

We create a useful thing in the household from a plastic bottle If you sometimes buy water in 5-liter bottles, for example, in nature, to a country house or during the period when the water is turned off, then you may still have plastic.

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