How to eat a pumpkin

How to eat a pumpkin? Yana Merichenko July 9, 2014 For several centuries, cooks use pumpkin as a separate dish and side dish. Gourmets prefer to eat pumpkin raw. How to eat a pumpkin correctly, what useful properties does it have, and what can.

Fighting dandruff successfully

Fighting dandruff successfully Dandruff is white flakes that appear when exfoliating dead skin cells of the upper layer of the epidermis of the head. Normally, they are not visible, and when they become visible - this is a pathology. Why does she appear When.

How to restore old furniture

How to restore old furniture? Old, battered or broken furniture can be given a second life if desired and possible. It is easy to eliminate minor damage or turn an old thing into a completely new, beautiful and useful, especially if it is expensive.

Bottle stand for pipes

Bottle bottle stand Bottle holder for pipesis a simple DIY tool holder for 6 bottles of wine. Materials and tools: 6 cardboard tubes; paper for decorating and wrapping pipes, in this case the map; PVA glue; scissors; glue gun. Step 1 Let's cut out.

Catherine Klimova: Women in war always remain women

Catherine Klimova: "Women in war always remain women" The actress on the account of several films about the war. And although she does not like to hold a weapon in her hands, this topic is very close to her. Her three grandfathers fought on.

How to accept a person

How to take a person? Evgeny Fogov October 23, 2014 Almost every person has heard the phrase: "His soul is in the dark." In a literal sense, it means that many people find it difficult to understand themselves, their actions and words. What to.

How much water should you drink during the diet?

How much water should you drink during the diet? There are 3 answers Svetik Answered on November 16, 2014 15:27 With different methods of weight loss is recommended to drink a different amount of water. Figures range from 1.5 to 2 liters. Therefore, you.

When the child should start walking

When the child should start walking Ability to walk The first year of life, the child learns to coordinate his movements, starting with a simple one: at first he waves his arms, moves his legs, then tries to roll over, sit down, gradually begins.

What is fmcg

What is fmcg? Leonid Veselov September 6, 2011 We cannot do without fcmg goods. Every person in their life uses these products. Speech in our article will focus on essential goods, which are filled with supermarkets and stalls, village shops and gas stations on.


Pantsuit Girls love to dress up their dolls! But after all, dolls, most often, are sold without additional outfits. And if more dresses are attached to it, then such dolls are much more expensive. Therefore, if you have a sewing machine, patience and a.

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