• Owl Doorplate

    Owl door sign- the original owl door sign is a great replacement for the Do Not Disturb hotel. If you want to hint at home so that you are not disturbed, just turn it with the words Good night ("Good night!") When you go to sleep, and when you get up and wait for a cup of tea in bed, turn it over to the Morning side!

    Materials and tools:

    1. floss thread according to the key;
    2. white fabric, two pieces 18x18 cm;
    3. blue felt;
    4. cream felt;
    5. Bondaweb4 cobweb;
    6. X / B ribbon.


    Step 1

    Cut out a rectangle with a size of 10x11.5 cm from blue felt with scalloped scissors. Strengthen both details of the embroidery with the Bondaweb web and cut them to a size of 8.5x10 cm. Glue one embroidery to the front of the part from felt and the other to the back side.

    Cut the cream felt into two 9x10.5 cm rectangles by cutting holes b, 8x8.2 cm in them. Apply them to the embroidery, putting a loop of ribbon at the top between the layers.Secure with a basting stitch around the perimeter, making it with contrasting blue threads.

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