• Organizer for spools of thread

    Organizer for thread spools
    In the photo a terrible dream of a perfectionist. But the needlewoman can hardly be intimidated by the chaos around itself: stacks of fabrics, pads with needles and boxes with threads, an abundance of patterns and other adaptations - an obligatory entourage of the master's work space. However, it cannot be said that they have no desire for order. Another thing is that not everyone knows how to keep creative impulses and their consequences within the framework of this very order. So that the spools of sewing threads do not roll up, do not get lost, were visible, clearly, you can create an excellent organizer for them. It’s not difficult to do it yourself: for each coil, prepare an individual perch - a rod-holder, as in the photo.
    Organizer for thread spools
    So, you need to work:
    • - box,
    • - toothpicks,
    • - thick foam.
    Find a box of the right size.The form can be any - round, square and so on. In the photo there is a round tin box from under halvah. We select a sheet of foam plastic with a thickness of at least 1.5 cm (or better - 2-3 cm). If you only have thin sheets, fold them in several rows - until the required height is obtained. Fit them to the dimensions of the bottom of the box, carefully trim the excess. It can be glued to the bottom if necessary, although the thick foam is kept well enough without it. Organizer for spools of thread
    Now you need to stick wooden toothpicks into the foam. Depth of "immersion" - about a third of the wand. The distance between the sticks is equal to the thickness of the coils plus a couple of millimeters.

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