• On the threshold of the Year of the Yellow Dog: 10 most famous dogs

    0The New Year is coming, and according to the Chinese calendar it is considered the year of the Yellow Dog. The dog has always been considered a symbol of friendship and devotion, service and dedication.

    And in our days dogs are not only true friends, who daily delight their owners and raise their spirits. They are also valiant helpers! These are responsible sniffer dogs sniffing out narcotic or explosive substances in crowded places, and conscientious guide dogs, which become the sharp eyes of visually impaired citizens.

    And many dogs even went down in history! Here are a dozen of the most famous dogs on the planet.

    No. 1. Squirrel and Arrow

    Probably the most popular dogs in the history of mankind! Having endured all the tests that accompanied the harsh selection, our furry compatriots became the first dogs that flew into space. This significant event happened on August 19, 1960.


    № 2. The dog of Pavlova

    Despite the fact that the dog Pavlova even installed a bronze monument near the Institute of Experimental Medicine in St. Petersburg, in fact, this is a collective image. Pavlov's dogs were many, and the monument commemorates them all. Thanks to their participation, many scientific discoveries became possible.


    № 3. Hachiko

    The most devoted dog in the world! This touching story knows the whole world. The Japanese dog Hachiko accompanied his master every morning to the metro station with which he went to work, and in the evening he came to meet him. But in 1925, the owner died of a heart attack. The dog for 10 years after this misfortune continued to come to that station and wait for its owner. He died 10 years later, in 1935.


    № 4. Balto

    A monument to this famous dog is installed in Central Park in New York. In 1925, he saved an entire village in the state of Alaska from the diphtheria epidemic. Weather conditions did not allow to reach it with a vaccine, and the team, headed by Balto, overcame the dangerous path in the conditions of a terrible blizzard.


    № 5. Santo von House Zieglemayer

    The famous dog, better known by the nickname Commissioner Rex. Star of the same series.


    № 6. Djulbars

    The famous dog-participant of the Great Patriotic War, during his service, he found more than 7 thousand mines and about 150 shells, which saved the lives of hundreds of people.


    № 7. Snappy

    The world's first cloned dog! The experiment was conducted in 2005.


    8. Saper Collie Dick

    During the war, she discovered about 12,000 German explosive devices. Including laid in the basis of the Pavlovsk Palace near St. Petersburg.


    № 9. Leo

    For ten years, the German Shepherd Dog Leo faithfully served the people at Amsterdam Airport. During this time, Leo caught about a hundred passengers with drugs in their luggage.


    No. 10. Barry

    St. Bernard Barry from the monastery of St. Bernard in Switzerland, all his life, sought and saved people lost in the alpine snows.


    These were the ten most famous dogs on the planet. Take care of our four-legged friends!

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