• Offended: Miss Universe summed up the skirt with a slit

    It should be more cautious at the sight of cameras.

    25-year-old Olivia Culpo successfully makes a modeling career. And now, coming to the next TV show as a guest, before entering the studio, she began to pose for photographers and smile to passers-by gathered around. But she didn’t take one into account: the slit (slit at the back) on her miniskirt was too high. Therefore, with each movement of the model, all viewers could observe its fifth point in almost all its glory.

    Photo: Getty Images
    Photo: Getty Images

    Despite her star status and successful modeling career, Olivia often misses with her outfits. In general, her images look stylish and very tempting. But small details often spoil everything. Excessively deep cleavage or that spitz on a skirt smears the impression of a fashionable bow and embarrass the girl. By the way, the same evening, Calpo made another blunder. Having gone to a fashionable party, she dressed up in an elegant white lace dress ... with a very small bodice. The shapes of the stars in it were obviously cramped

    Photo: Getty Images

    And why do the stars so torment themselves, putting on clothes of not the size? After all, it is not only ugly, but also very uncomfortable. They either fool themselves, trying not to notice the obvious, namely their real volumes, or clumsily trying to mislead others. Only now no one has ever looked thinner because he pulled the dress two sizes smaller. Quite the contrary! We have collected in the same gallery similar failures of other celebrities, both Russian and foreign.

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