• No diet: Anastasia Volochkova eats potatoes at night

    Anastasia Volochkova at 3 o'clock in the morning decided to eat potatoes on coals. It seems that the ballerina has long forgotten how it is to follow a diet.
    How delicious to bake potatoes
    How delicious to bake potatoes
    Photo: Instagram Anasatsii Volochkova

    Anastasia Volochkova again shocked fans. But this time it is not a photo of an erotic nature and not even another scandal with an ex-husband, who periodically rolls a star. Anastasia Volochkova surprised everyone with her culinary preferences, admitting that she was happy to eat potatoes at night.

    «Bake potatoes in the coals at 3 am - is it sacrilege? Or not? Well, once you can gobble it up, escorting mom to St. Petersburg? ”The ballerina tweeted with a tweet. However, no one called Anastasia Volochkova a blasphemer, but was accused of rudeness and ignorance. One of the readers of the star said that such expressions are unacceptable for the great Russian ballerina.

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