• New bachelorette, or why smart women are lonely?

    Nowadays, women both study, and work, and they buy flowers for themselves, and make decisions, and dazzling novels start without prospects of any serious relationship. But this fact does not suit anyone, namely, society, which is still confident that the main purpose of a woman is family and motherhood, as well as some men who are used to the fact that they dominate the romantic union, and the woman in the meantime indulges. Cultural norms and old family habits peeped by parents and grandparents are not so easy to rebuild, but one significant trend is evident: educated and financially independent women increasingly prefer to enjoy life alone than to take custody of a sissy to sit at home with diapers and soups.

    New bachelorette, or why smart women are lonely?

    Despite,that politicians and the church at times try to force us to return almost to the Middle Ages, the present generation has all the opportunities to decide on its own how to live, namely whether to start a family in 25 years and acquire wealth or never to step down, to place and practice free love before, after or even instead of work. But it seems as though this so-called permissiveness is spreading on women less than on men, or has some more limited scope for them. As soon as phrases "35 years old and still unmarried!" Are heard somewhere in space, "do not miss your chance" or "the biological clock is ticking", a feeling is created that under the pretext of allegedly wanting a better, The same stereotypes about how it is recommended to live, if you are lucky to be born a woman, are transferred to you.

    Scientists confirm: smart women are more likely to be lonely

    If you try to quickly find this thesis, the first thing that comes to mind: educated women are simply too capricious and demanding of men, and therefore they do not get so quickly to create a family union, as they say, "with anyone."A group of British scientists led by Academician John Carney, who has been studying the topic of relations for several years, found this another explanation: less educated women devote less time to work and study, which gives them more free hours for flirting, and at the same time they look for couples in search of couples a man is a class higher than themselves in order to improve their financial situation at the expense of a partner due to the fact that they cannot do it on their own. The version of Karni's answer to this sick for many people was immediately criticized: they say, less educated women very often work harder and harder than those who have disaccustomed to several higher ones, and that not all women fundamentally look at the partner's income, as if love without any calculations there does not exist.

    New bachelorette, or why smart women are lonely?

    On the other hand, with the results of the same Karni in the survey of men is more difficult to argue. In another study, the scientist came to the conclusion that men tend to look for less educated girls not because the scientific degree is something asexual, but because they seek to give preference to those who choose a permanent partner,who is ready to “put the family in priority” in advance, which, in essence, in the “transfer” to our mentality means to abandon career ambitions and voluntarily go to diapers and soups without unnecessary talk.

    If the mind interferes with love, is it really love?

    It turns out that a certain “grief from the mind” in matters of personal life does exist, especially when it comes to women. On the one hand, we are hammered that nobody will put an eye on a silly one. On the other hand, this brilliant mind, in which sleepless nights are spent, hours of work in the library and even more precious Friday nights at the desk, makes it difficult to find happiness in love. Or just want to make us think what's stopping you?

    If it is considered that no one takes women narrow-minded seriously, then at times just the wise are taken too seriously by men - as a rival, as a partner stronger than themselves, as a dominant personality and not at all as a potential second half for family life. The allegations that “smart people are not lucky in love,” which also flow into scientific work, again try to convince women that all the blame lies with them. This is about the same logic, turned upside down, that the victim is guilty in violence, because she put on a short skirt and allowed herself to return home from the club on a dark night.Convincing women that “being smart” is necessary only up to a certain point (before the “prince” meeting), and building a career only up to a certain age, means that they are told that the responsibility for the fact that men are not ready to meet with someone then except for the desperate mom-housewife, lies solely and entirely on the fair sex.

    New bachelorette, or why smart women are lonely?

    Although anyone who really needs to get worried and look at the clock, it’s for men, because women who are ready to sacrifice their happy bachelor life in order to serve the naughty “big child” are getting smaller, and it’s time for the British scientist to make research on the topic “Why non-dependent stupid men are increasingly lonely and what to do with it.”

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