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    Increasingly, in our time, we have begun to pay more attention to what we eat. Perhaps people finally began to understand how much truth in the saying "you are what you eat". Either they poisoned their body so much that it makes itself felt more and more often, or because of the ever-increasing fashion for proper nutrition, sport and control over their health. Whatever the reason, we follow the health, but the love of sweet is ineradicable! In order not to torture oneself with refusals from sweets and chocolate and at the same time not to harm oneself and, moreover, children with shop chocolates, which necessarily include thickeners, flavors and preservatives, you can make candies yourself using only natural products!
    I will tell you a recipe that my friend raw-eater, who is very sensitive to his health, “treated” me to. The recipe is absolutely simple, does not require any specific products, a lot of time and even a stove or oven! It is also suitable for those who always carefully monitor their diet and exclusively feeds.that's right, and to vegetarians, and raw foodists, and people just wanting to please their loved ones with their man-made miracle. All you need is a blender or a coffee grinder, dishes and a minimum amount of ingredients. Candies are much more tasty store, very nutritious and healthy! At the same time, all products are completely natural, not expensive and affordable for everyone and in any country. So, let's get started. To prepare you need: 1. Cashew nuts, almonds or hazelnuts (you can use any of them or all together) - 150 gr. 2. Raisins (can be replaced with dates - it will be sweeter) - 100g. 3. Coconut or sesame - 50g. 4. Cinnamon - a pinch of 5. Bananas - 2 large, ripe 6. Cocoa powder - 4 tbsp. spoons. Honey - 1 teaspoon
     You need
    From this you can make two kinds of candy - one" chocolate ", using cocoa powder. The second, very nutritious, is honey. The total number of candies, the size of a large cherry, will be about 35-40 pieces. 1. We grind nuts in a blender (or in a coffee grinder).
     Grind in a blender
    2.We grind a blender raisins / dates.
     Grind raisins dates
    3. Blender grind bananas to mashed potatoes.
     bananas to mashed potatoes
    4. We mix in two different dishes: A) for chocolate candies - chalked nuts, raisins, coconut, cinnamon, bananas and cocoa. Well, we mix all this up to a homogeneous mixture.
     to a homogeneous mixture
    B) for" honey "candies - the same ingredients, only cocoa is replaced with 1 teaspoon honey Stir well too.
    mix thoroughly
    Tip: “honey” mixture usually turns out to be more liquid, and “chocolate” makes thick cocoa powder. Therefore, I recommend more nuts in the “honey” and more bananas in the “chocolate”. We pour some cocoa powder into one and two coconut chips into the second one on two different plates.
    cocoa powder in coconut flakes
    From the resulting two mixtures, we roll up our hands and" sculpt "small, even balls (try not to do big ones, as they will be uncomfortable to eat).Chocolate sweets are rolled in cocoa powder, honey sweets are in coconut flakes or sesame.
     small even balls
    Note, sugar we do not add at all! Candies will be very sweet and nourishing anyway. We put the resulting balls into the refrigerator for several hours so that the candies will “blind” well. After this delicacy is ready! Beautifully spread our candy on the dishes and delight ourselves and our loved ones! - simple, fast and, most importantly, absolutely natural and incredibly tasty and satisfying! Enjoy your meal!
    Natural Candy
     Natural Candy

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