• Mood swings in women: real reasons

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    The concept of mood swings is found in misuse. Women believe that they have drops, but in the end, they have a normal change of emotions - an adequate response to events. If a person easily becomes angry or often cries, this does not mean that he has mood swings. He has such a trait.

    They say about differences if the transition from sadness to joy or vice versa happens instantly, without adequate reasons. More often, the shift happens in a negative direction. Such a personality drops alongside heightened anxiety and other problems.

    Symptoms of mood swings

    Symptoms of mood swings are few, they are easy to notice:

    lightning mood changes, often without apparent reason. This is the main symptom;
    improper appetite. Perhaps the emergence of hostility to your favorite dishes, increased appetite;
    continuous drowsiness or trouble falling asleep;
    irritability, sadness for no reason, nervousness.

    Mood swings in women. Common causes

    Usually, the causes of mood swings in women are:

    imbalance of hormones due to problems in the body (menopause, pregnancy, etc.);
    reception of oral contraceptives;
    increased voltage level;
    the period of puberty;
    lack of normal sexual life, lactation period;
    There is no balance of substances that are created by the brain and are responsible for the emotional state;
    quarrels and stress;
    bad habits;
    insufficient motor activity.

    Mood swings in women: real reasons

    Hormones are one of the main reasons for such fluctuations in the female sex. Changes during the menstrual cycle, hormonal changes in menopause, and pregnancy — all this causes mood changes. Adolescents are often prone to a sharp change in mood during puberty. Women often suffer from PMS.

    Women often have to combine work, caring for children, family, etc. This often causes stress and depression, which is accompanied by mood swings. Stressful conditions are associated with failures in relationships, caring for parents or living with them, problems in the family or with children.

    Our brain produces special substances, which are called mediators. They are responsible for a large number of emotions: happiness, anger, panic, joy.If the balance of serotonin, dopamine, etc., is disturbed, then there is a frequent change of emotions and other difficulties in a psychological state.

    Mood swings and cycles

    There are two cycles that affect mood swings.

    The girl, who is about to begin her period, is easy to see. She loses her temper, often crying, annoyed for a minor reason. This is easy to understand if you delve into the spiritual side of physiology. Menstruation suggests that in the current period, the egg, which would become a child, did not survive. And it does not matter whether you dream of a child or not. Nature is designed so that the desire to become a mother in our subconscious.

    And ovulation is a chance to engender life. In this period, women are very good, they glow from within. There is a desire to take care of yourself. The girl is more attractive, charming, growing sexual energy, there is a pull to the opposite sex.

    Lunar cycles affect women differently. It all depends on the moon in the zodiac, as well as on the relationship with this planet, the amount of energy of the moon. Usually, during the growth of the moon and the full moon, an increase in forces occurs, and a new moon is a period of greatest decline.

    There are special days - Ekadashi. This is the 11th day after the new or full moon. Such days are complicated, there are a lot of quarrels, irritations, misunderstandings. It is best to fast on such a day - at least refrain from meat and bean food.

    Mood swings in women: real reasons

    Nature thought of us to make it easier for people to cope with themselves, both cycles are balanced. In the new moon in the body of a woman, ovulation occurs. And in the full moon - menstruation. Thus, the cycles should ideally be connected, but for many girls and women they are far from the same. Incorrect mixing of cycles causes sharp fluctuations in moods and energy, which does not bring joy to either the woman herself or her close ones.

    It is worth noting that even the harmonization of these cycles does not give an even mood. In any case, there will be periods when you want to mourn and cry. It is best to keep a diary of cycles: note daily condition and cycle of menstruation. After a few months, patterns will become noticeable. Such predictions are useful for women and for their loved ones. So you can almost accurately predict the days of large differences.

    Mood swings. Other reasons

    There are other causes of changes in emotions and mood swings They are a sign of more terrible problems, like bipolar or anxiety disorder.

    In the first problem, a change of emotions occurs at any time. But the cause is the trigger - this is what provokes a sharp drop. This includes lack of sleep, changing time zones, etc. People point out that there is a dramatic change only on certain days. To highlight the triggers will help keeping a diary, which records the events that were before the change of mood.

    In individuals who suffer from anxiety disorders, it is anxiety that causes powerful stress, so a sharp change of emotions occurs. In two cases, the cause of the fluctuations are:

    neurotransmitters and hormones. These substances are the main causes of the instability of emotions. With such disorders, the hormonal balance changes, the production of neurotransmitters decreases. More often we are sure that all feelings are rational, there are reasons. On life, the decrease of certain substances has no less influence than the events around us. Often, the level of substances can only be normalized by takingantidepressants;
    emotional fatigue. Both problems are the cause of extreme psychological fatigue. The person thinks that he is not capable of self-control, fears deterioration, that the problem will affect the relationship, etc. All this causes even more frequent hesitations, panic;
    other reasons. Due to changes in the psyche, a feeling of isolation is born, which significantly affects the attitude of the individual to life. Fluctuations of emotions will be the result of a sharp drop in self-esteem;
    long stress, not related to problems with the psyche.

    Treatment of mood swings in women

    There are certain ways to treat mood swings and how to deal with them.

    Often, conscious control of emotions is difficult. After all, they arise without our will, often irrational. Initially, do not set a goal to suppress emotions in the period of hesitation, but reduce your own reaction to it. Here are the following tips:

    If you notice that emotions change without a reason, then immediately stop doing what you are doing. Think about what caused the disorder, and whether there are adequate reasons for this. Analyze recent events, as well as those that may happen soon;
    if you feel that you have a mood change, then stay alone with yourself whenever possible. Do not do anything on emotions, relax for a couple of minutes and think;
    fake positive emotions. If you feel that emotions spoil, try to improve them on your own, but do not hold back the negative, so only do harm. Imagine that this is a game, in whose rules you are allowed to feel angry or angry, but it is important to pretend that all is well. Do not forbid yourself to feel sadness or anger. Because of this, increased stress and anxiety. Unleash the negativity inside yourself, showing the positive outside. Soon you will notice that changing emotions is easier than it seemed. If you find it difficult to keep calm, use exercises that are based on breathing, drink water in small sips, take a walk;
    Tell your loved ones that you have mood swings, for which reason you are not behaving quite typically. This gives you a chance to avoid worrying about upsetting dear people;
    consult a doctor. Not everyone can cope with the vibrations on their own. If it seems that you will not be able to hold back, then you should ask for help.

    Mood swings in women: real reasons

    Other tips include lifestyle changes, diet, therapy or alternative therapy.Consider them too:

    a change in lifestyle. HLS - an important element in the treatment of emotional fluctuations. It contains an adequate emotional climate in relationships, avoidance of stress, peace, and healthy sleep. Make sure you have time for exercise in your daily routine. Swimming, walking, dancing are all great helpers.
    diet also plays a significant role. Try not to smoke, eat healthy food, do not drink alcohol. You will need more nutrients in the diet;
    therapy. Constant and unexplained fluctuations interfere with normal life. For deliverance, learn how to control yourself. Often there is a need to undergo therapy: hormonal replacement, to correct behavior, cognitive;
    alternative therapy. This should include aromatherapy, acupuncture, homeopathy. It helps to cope with the fluctuations of the female mood. And yoga and meditation will be a great help.

    If your problem is not so pronounced, and the drops only slightly interfere with the joys of life, then you can overcome this condition yourself. Here are some proven ways:

    get enough sleep as it should be.Recently, American scientists have established a direct link between normal 7-8 hours of sleep and mood. In addition, it is important to adhere to sleep, in other words, go to sleep and get up at the same time every day;
    The bedroom should be arranged so that it is dark during the sleep period. It is this setting that will help the body produce melatonin, which is necessary for normal sleep, protection from depression and emotional fluctuations;
    if you suffer from overshoot, then your diet should help improve brain health. Here come to the aid of such vitamins: B, E, C. Among the substances: zinc, magnesium, Omega-3, calcium. Frequent changes in sugar levels also cause a change of emotions. It is important to control the consumption of food containing sugar;
    natural substances will come to the aid: lemon balm, chamomile, mint. They reduce anxiety. The tincture of valerian brings many benefits. Homeopathy fights with anger and irritability. With hormonal changes women helps thistle, raspberry;
    everyone who suffers from fluctuations of emotions, it is important not to forget about physical exertion. Balanced exercises will release the dose of endorphin required for calm and well-being. In addition, exercise - an excellent sleeping pills;
    the main point is the correct systematization of life.To do this, help diary of emotions, which was already mentioned above.

    Acupressure from mood swings

    Uncomplicated acupressure can cope with mood swings. Repeat it every day after and before bedtime. Sit down comfortably on a chair, put your hands on your knees with your hands down. The point to be massaged is located under the ring fingers of our hands when they lie on their knees. This is a small hollow. Massage it with circular light movements for 3-5 minutes. Repeat the exercise in the morning after sleep, and in the evening - before bedtime. In the morning, the massage is done clockwise, and in the evening - vice versa. This simple method is very effective, helps to cope with mood swings, depression.

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