• Baby Monkey Tights

    Sewing toys for your children is a very exciting activity. The child will always appreciate your efforts and will be happy to play a new toy. For making toys we need:
    • Children's monotonous tights.
    • Large scissors.
    • Sintepon or other filler.
    • A piece of chalk.
    • A needle.
    • Blue or black thread.
    • Long needle.
    • Silver-colored fabric outline.
    • Two buttons of black or any other color.
    We take children's tights. You can take and new tights, but I took our little baby tights. Using scissors we cut off one colosa approximately on the knee. This will be further torso and legs of our toys.
     We take children's tights
    We take a cut piece of tights and dub it well, so that the heel is behind. Next with chalk we draw a strip in the middle in order to have the same legs later.Scissors cut the pantyhose in half, but not to the very end, and as shown in the photo, we leave a little space for the trunk. In order for the monkey's legs to be not square, but rounded, it is necessary to cut off the edges of the pantyhose with a pair of scissors. .ru / images / 7/413-nozhnicami-razrezaem-popolam.jpg "alt =" Cut the scissors in half "title =" Cut the scissors in half ">
    Now we need to thread the needle and start sewing legs at the future monkey. It is necessary to sew very tightly so that the thread does not break and does not get out in the future filler from the toy. So, the body is sewn, we twist it. Now you can fill it with padding polyester. You can take any other filler for the filler. Even dry grass, and then the toy will be with a good and pleasant aroma.
     stuff stuff
    I used a knitting needle to stuff stuff in the legs, but you can take any long pencil or pen. When the body of the toy is tightly filled with filler, it must be sewn.
     densely stuffed with filler
    Next we'll start cutting out the other parts from the toy. The second galoshes at the pantyhose level and out of it we cut out the ears, and the heel will be the muzzle of the monkey.Small squares, from which we will make ears, sew, twist, then just a little bit stuff them with padding polyester and at the same distance we sew with a needle to the body of the toy.
    >img src="https://sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/images/7/416-pristupim-k-vyrezaniyu-drugih-chastey.jpg" alt="proceed to cutting other parts" title="proceed to cutting other parts" >
     let's start cutting out other parts
    Now take a cut piece of the heel, we fold it and sew it up to the middle. Then through the not sewn hole we stuff the muzzle with a sintepon and sew it up completely. Then we apply the muzzle to the monkey's body and sew it on both sides.
     fill with padding polyester
    Here, then cut off two identical stripes from tights, only not long ones - these will be hands monkey. We do the same thing as with the legs - first we sew, then we fill with padding polyester and sew it to the body.
     let's start cutting out other parts
    Like the monkey is ready, but how will she be without clothes? From an old T-shirt I cut out a small square of cloth.She drew a T-shirt contour to the size of my toy. Cut out and sew a little pink monkey t-shirt.
    cut a small square
    I sewed trousers for her from the fabric into peas. For this, I also drew a contour of trousers on a piece of fabric, cut and sewed them. The pants in my belt turned out wide. So, after putting them on a monkey, I sewed trousers to a toy in my belt and legs.
    Next I wanted to make her a hat and socks. I took a thin multi-colored thread and crocheted, viscous in a circle, knitted a monkey hat. By the same principle and knitted socks. I put all the connected elements of clothes on the toy and sewed them well so that they would not go away.
     hat and socks
     hat and socks
    It remains only to draw the outline of a monkey nose and mouth. And that's it, you can give a child to play with a new toy.
     Monkey from children's tights

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