• Money Flower

    Probably not all over the globe such a happy person who has never in his life encountered the problem of choosing a gift. Not a simple gift for a difficult person. A gift for that particular category of people who have already achieved everything in life, and who already have it all. This is a gift for a boss, boss, business partner or even an oligarch. It becomes clear that the choice of a presentation is not very simple. What can they present? The answer is one - only a unique subject, an exclusive, very unusual and attracting everyone's attention. And where to get this? Do it yourself. Thanks to a detailed master class, you can make on your own the most amazing and unusual gift suitable for any occasion. You can literally grow a “Money Tree” in several evenings (initial photo). What you need: 1. Pot. There must be a tree somewhere to grow. 2. Building gypsum or alabaster. It will be used to give strength and weight to our work. 3. Cut from the shovel. The future trunk. 4.Small rubber baby ball - to create a crown. 5. Construction adhesive tape. 6. 3 meters of ribbon of any color. 7. Glue and hot gun. 8. Souvenir banknotes of various denominations. Used during wedding ceremonies, sold in any wedding salon. Description of the process. The first step is to prepare the pot and barrel. The crown can be safely occupied while the plaster dries. But, first things first: Preparing all the necessary items.
     in the middle of the pot
    Saw off the desired length of the trunk (cutting from the shovel). Gently wrap it with tape, fixing it with hot glue at small intervals, approximately every 2-3 turns.
    Neatly wrapping
    We try on and fasten the barrel exactly in the middle of the pot on the hot gun. Then you need to act very quickly.
    Gypsum mortar
    Dilute gypsum with water to the consistency of thick sour cream and pour the pot with the barrel fixed exactly in the center. It should take some time to hold the trunk, making sure that it does not tilt sideways. Gypsum mortar sets very quickly, so it does not take much time. We set aside the pot with the barrel to dry, prepare the crown. Rubber ball on all sides at least 2-3 layers wrapped with paint tape.
     glued to the trunk
    This is done so that it does not burst at the moment when you will stick the bills with a hot gun to him. To the ball we glue the wide part of the cup-tray from the pot. And we narrow the narrow part of the pallet to the trunk. Here's how:
     you need 5 bills
    Now we leave the whole construction to dry and gain strength, go to the creation of the crown. To make one money flower it will take 5 bills. Every 4 so far we put aside, and every fifth fold in half:
     fold in half
    From the bills folded in half we make kulechki.You can glue the corners, you can fasten with a stapler, there is no difference, do as you like.
     You can glue the corners
    Cut the rest of the pieces of paper from the corner like this:
    mount stapler
    Screw a piece of paper from the uncircumcised side onto a pencil or a needle to make a rounded petal. We glue the first petal to the bag.
     cut from the corner
    Then the second, third and fourth, in a circle. Such a flower came out of money.
     Glue the first petal
     Then the second
    There are such colors on ours a large tree will take about 30-40 pieces, depending on the density of gluing the crown.

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