• Miniature garden on the windowsill

    Creating a miniature herbal composition should begin with the idea. With unlimited possibilities for creating the creation, we should not forget that the plants are still alive and over time your mini-garden will grow and change. Therefore, when selecting plants, it is better to pay attention to those that will grow up for a long time. In addition, they should have the same requirements for care - it is not necessary to plant near plants that adore the light and shade-loving, for example.

    After you have thought through the composition and prepared the plants from which the mini-garden will be made, take care of the other components. You will need a container for a future composition - it can be a regular large flower pot, a plastic cake container, or even a simple glass jar.

    Soil for plants, choose depending on what plants will be planted. Do not forget about the material for drainage.

    Prepare also decorating elements, and to help with seating - a scoop or a small spatula. If loose soil is needed, you will need some vermiculite.

    How a mini-garden will look like depends only on the creator’s fantasy. You can build a classic park or a beautiful rocky hill, or make a mini-copy of your estate. Or search for a photo with a beautiful landscape and try to copy a part of it.

    At the bottom of the pot, drainage is filled first, then the soil.

    In accordance with a pre-developed plan, plants are planted. If you really want to combine plants that require different soil, you can arrange them in separate pots, put them in one container, and cover them with top decorating elements.

    If a reservoir is conceived, a recess is arranged for it in the ground, into which special blue balls are poured or a small plastic tray is arranged and water is poured. The tracks sprinkled with real sand, shells, small pebbles.

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