• Master of snowflakes in the technique of quilling

    Master of snowflakes in the technique of quillingQuilling and, in particular, the snowflakes in this technique (diagrams can always be found on the Internet) is a great idea for creating a New Year's atmosphere. Such crafts will look great both on the Christmas tree and as independent ornaments hanging from the eaves, chandeliers, ceiling. In a word, as your fantasy will tell you. In addition, snowflakes (schemes of which can be very different) can serve as original small gifts: they do not require any special expenses, and raise the spirits!

    We learn to make schemes and without

    For those who do not know, quilling - is the manufacture of three-dimensional figures or paintings from twisted spiral strips of paper. Quilling and snowflakes - the perfect combination! The fact is that the hand-made, made in such a technique, very much resembles the form of the present. When the opportunity arises, when it will snow, sit more snowflakes on your mitten, consider it more closely and make yourself the same! As you can see, you do not even need to invent anything.

    What do we need for making snowflakes using quilling technique? (Master Class)

    • Paper.
    • Scissors.
    • Tool for winding.
    • Glue.

    Making a snowflake: quilling, step by step instructions

    • Step 1. Cut into 0.5 cm wide strips of paper.
    • Step 2. We take a strip of paper, wind it on the tool, remove it. The tip of the strip is fixed with glue - it turns out a spiral. This is one of the main details. It can be used in this form, and can be converted into another figure. We will do the others.
    • Step 3. “Drop”. We clamp one edge of the spiral with our fingers, fix it with glue. Cooking 6 such "droplets".
    • Master of snowflakes in the technique of quilling

    • Step 4. "Eye". Clamp two opposite edges of the helix, fix. Cooking 6 "eyes".
    • Step 5. “Heart”. We fold a strip of paper in half. The ends are twisted towards each other. The spirals are glued together. Fold clamp, fix. “Heart” - also 6.
    • Step 6. “The Seagull”. Bend the strip. The ends are twisted in opposite directions. "Gulls" - also 6.
    • Step 7. "S-shaped detail." We prepare 12 such parts.
    • Master of snowflakes in the technique of quilling

    • Step 8. When all components are ready, we begin to collect them. First we glue the “droplets” with our noses to each other. This will be the center of our snowflake.
    • Step 9.The second circle is “hearts”. Add them to the "droplets" edge out.
    • Step 10. Each "eye" is inserted into the "tea". We set such a figure on the edge of each “heart”.
    • Step 11. On both sides of each "eye" attach "S-shaped part." We fix them among themselves.

    Master of snowflakes in the technique of quilling
    So it turned out a snowflake! Master class is completed! Now you know how to prepare the details, and you can build your composition. And for those who do not fully understand what's what, we recommend watching the video: “Quilling. Snowflakes. Master Class". Schemes, as a rule, are attached to master classes and step-by-step instructions.
    As you can see, you can master such art as quilling! Snowflakes for beginners to build schemes is not at all difficult, just enough to turn on the imagination!

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