• Masks with linseed oil


    Oil is extracted from flax seeds. It is a rich source of ALA (alpha-linoleic acid), it has an indispensable benefit for the heart muscle. ALA refers to polyunsaturated fatty acids. The oil contains lignins, they fight cancer and are antioxidants.

    The presence of essential fatty acids in flax oil helps to heal the skin. Eczema, rosacea, psoriasis - all this can be cured with the use of this oil. It will help to recover from sunburn, reduce the release of fat, clogged pores. A large amount of omega-3 improves hair growth, their health, because the lack of this acid causes dry hair. Consider the recipes of masks and the use of oil for beauty.

    Linseed oil for the face

    The use of linseed oil for the face is beneficial because it provides softness, hydration and youthful skin. Its use is useful for aging skin. Copes with the elimination of peeling and dryness, improves elasticity, is a natural lifting for the skin.

    The positive qualities still include the elimination of irritations, as well as the acceleration of wound healing with various injuries. Effective flax oil in the treatment of psoriasis, depriving, warts and burns.

    It can be used separately, by itself, as well as in the composition of miraculous recipes. But the open oil is not stored for a long time - no more than 15-20 days.

    Linseed oil for hair

    The positive effect of flaxseed oil for hair is its effect on the scalp. It fills it with active ingredients, combats itching, dryness and irritation.

    Despite the fat consistency, it normalizes the production of fat on the skin, which reduces the fat content of the hair. In addition, it fights against any kind of dandruff.

    It should be noted the usefulness of flax oil with weak, too dry and falling hair. At the same time, the effect does not have to wait long. Already after a couple of applications, the curls become silky and smooth.

    Linseed oil face masks


    The effectiveness of face masks for linseed oil is known to many. But before imposing a mask, one should not forget about the nuances:

    masks are applied only to cleansed skin;
    skin should remain untouched around the eyes;
    apply the mixture from the chin and nose to the temples, from the upper lip to the ears;
    Before applying the mask you need to do a steam bath, which will increase its effectiveness;
    after application, it is important to relax, the skin of the face should be fixed;
    The mask is removed very carefully, so as not to stretch the skin.

    For dry skin, an oil mask is used undiluted. It should be smeared for 20 minutes. Then just wash. When mixed skin type is applied only to areas with dry skin.

    To combat peeling suitable recipe nutritional mask. To do this, mix a teaspoon of oil and honey, 1 yolk. A warm composition is applied on the face. It is washed away in a quarter of an hour.

    Excellent moisturizing dry skin makes the cucumber-sour cream mixture. The cucumber is rubbed finely grated, sour cream and butter are added to it. The composition will improve skin tone, eliminate inflammation.

    For skin of fat type there is such a recipe: 1 tbsp. cottage cheese you need to grind with sour cream and protein. To the composition is added 2 tsp. oils. Before applying the composition, the skin must be cleaned and use a cream with a moisturizing effect.

    For skin without any particular problems, a strawberry mask with butter and yolk is used.Strawberries are replaced by tomatoes.

    The aging skin will be supported by a mask from baker's yeast. It is necessary to mix milk and yeast in the amount of 1 spoon, pour 1 tsp here. butter and the same juice of lemon and honey, ½ tsp. sour cream. Thus, a natural tonic is obtained.

    For the skin around the eyes, you can make the following mask: a couple of drops of oil of sweet lemon, sandalwood and rose are added to a spoonful of butter. Soaked with this composition napkins and superimposed on the skin for about half an hour.

    The scrub does the dead scales. To create it, oatmeal is mixed with linseed oil; this should be used to massage moist skin for a few minutes. On the face to keep a quarter of an hour. Instead of cereal, coffee leaves or crushed nuts are suitable.

    For a mixed type and skin with increased production of fat, this recipe fits: a spoonful of flour is combined with 3 spoons of kefir, 1 tsp. flaxseed oil, salt and 2 tsp. lemon juice. All must be mixed to homogeneity. Apply for 15 minutes, removed with plain water.

    Linen oil hair masks


    The following mask with flax oil is used for weak hair: fresh peeled cucumber is rubbed on the finest grater.Here you will need another spoonful of sour cream and 1 tsp. oils. Sour cream big fat will not work. Apply to dry washed curls for a quarter of an hour.

    To achieve a healthy shine, you will need to mix 50 g of oil and a couple of tablespoons of glycerin. The mask is left for the night, and it is necessary to apply with massage movements. Repeats twice a week.

    To grow hair faster, you need to cut one onion, add a couple of spoons of honey and a spoon of oil. On curls impose for half an hour, and wash off with a simple shampoo.

    With brittleness and split ends, a mixture of castor oil and flax seed oil will help in equal shares. Apply to the scalp.

    5 tablespoons will help to get rid of dryness. brandy, 1 yolk and a couple of spoons of butter. The components are mixed and applied to wet roots. It is washed off after 15-20 minutes.

    There is a classic mask for healthy curls. Pure oil is rubbed along the entire length of the curls and into the roots. Leave for 60 minutes. Flaxseed oil perfectly penetrates the skin and hair, does not have too high fat content. It is washed off with shampoo.

    Flax Seed Face Masks

    In addition to linseed oil, seeds of the plant are also useful for improving the skin condition. For example, face masks made from flax seeds are popular.Consider the most interesting options.

    Most often, such masks are made like this: 2 tsp. seeds poured half a glass of heated water, boil for about 10-15 minutes. The broth is cooled, filtered. Mass should be applied to the face for 20-40 minutes, rinse with a little warm water. This recipe deals with roughness and dryness.

    Another recipe: 1 tbsp. seeds poured boiling water, cover and insist half an hour. The mixture is applied for 20-40 minutes, then washed off. Most suitable for increased dryness and irritability, nourishes the skin of the normal type and removes fine wrinkles.

    For the preparation of the next mask need ground seeds. 1-2 tbsp. the powder must be filled with boiling water so that the liquid covers it. Insist for half an hour, then mix and apply on face. For greater effect, the seed powder is filled with unrefined oil. The ratio is 1: 2. Infuse in dark glassware for 7-10 days. Apply on the skin for 25-40 minutes. Before use, a single dose is heated.


    Scrub mask: 1 tbsp. seed powder mixed with 1 spoon of oatmeal flakes. Pour mixture of hot water or milk. Insists a quarter of an hour.Gruel is applied to the skin, massaging its surface. Left for 20 minutes. Suitable for every skin type.

    Flax seeds for hair

    The use of flax seeds for hair is no less beneficial than the oil itself.

    To stimulate growth, a simple recipe is suitable. For an average length of curls enough 2 tsp. seeds, and if they are long, then the number is doubled. Pour the seeds into a container of glass, pour in hot water (a glass of water is required for each 1 spoon of seed). Elements need to be mixed until they become a dense mass. This is the base of the mask. For additional properties, you can add a couple drops of any oil. The mask is distributed on the skin, and then on all the hair. Wrap your head with a wrap and a towel. Leave for 1.5 hours. Rinse with warm water and shampoo. To fix the effect, it will take 5-10 sessions.

    If the skin is irritated, you are haunted by hair loss and itching, then this recipe will help: 1 tablespoon. seed in a thermos filled with a glass of hot water. Infuse for at least 3 hours, shake occasionally. Filter the solution. The mixture is stored only in the refrigerator for no more than 24 hours. Apply as often as needed to get rid of irritation.If your problem falls out, then apply a mask every day. Be sure to wrap hair. It is washed off in 60 minutes. For the period of treatment, forget about washing your hair with hot water and about a hair dryer.

    To create your own flax seed conditioner you need:

    2 tablespoons dried seeds pour 3 liters of hot water;
    capacity can serve as a thermos;
    It is necessary to insist components for at least 4 hours;
    after that, the fluid must be filtered;
    before rinsing hair, add 2 drops of essential oil of citrus or softwood;
    used for washing clean hair.

    Flax seeds are suitable as a means for styling hair. The recipe for the creation is simple: a teaspoon of sunflower seeds should be mixed with 30 grams of hot water, shaken for 15 minutes. Hair moistened infusion in the process of winding. Flax keeps the shape of the hairstyle well, but the hair does not split, but their appearance improves.

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