• Colds are coming, all the main twists have been made for a long time, and have you prepared seasonings for the first and second courses? Agree, any sauce, soup, fried potatoes or spaghetti is more pleasant to eat with tasty spicy seasonings or seasonings from tomatoes, eggplants, alchi and other vegetables. Each national cuisine has a great variety of recipes for tasty spicy sauces and spins, which can be served throughout the year. Georgian cuisine is famous for its good recipes for seasoning, which includes tkemali, satsivi and satsibeli. They are perfect for meat, which will be one of the main products on our tables all winter. Still, the most popular among them is tkemali. It turns out that the red cherry plum sauce will have the softest taste. It is good to add it to meat, fish, piglet, solyanka and some main dishes. Yellow tkemali much more acidic, but it contains even more vitamins than lemon juice. It is well set off the taste of chicken, kebabs, suitable for pasta dishes. Green - suitable for fish dishes, for dishes from chicken, beans, eggs and vegetables.Each family may have its own secrets of recipes, but usually, besides cherry plum, the main ingredients are garlic, cilantro, dill, chili pepper and salt. But the most popular Russian spices, which are made at home, are adjika and “Khrenodera”, also called “Spark” - all these are seasonings from tomato with garlic, hot pepper or horseradish. According to the assurances of many housewives, it is better to cook them from natural summer tomatoes grown on the ground, then the sauces will be especially tasty. But someone is sure that the matter is still in the proportions of the ingredients. If you mix everything according to the rules, the seasoning will be moderately hot and salty, and the taste of tomatoes will be well felt. Competition to these twists are recipes seasonings from pepper. This burning vegetable is not only tasty, but also useful: it helps strengthen the immune system and even lose weight, spicy food can increase the level of pleasure hormones - endorphin and serotonin - and also soothes. One of the most delicious recipes using pure chilli is Caribbean sauce, which is very simple to prepare. It consists of two peppers, a spoonful of sea salt and one cup of freshly squeezed lime juice. This seasoning is perfect for vegetables, baked meat and boiled fish.In general, recipes for seasoning for the winter can be very diverse. To be limited here is only the wishes of the household. Mix not only the usual ingredients. Try some way to make a spicy snack to the table from horseradish leaves, parsley, dill, celery and garlic. Or spin in a special way eggplants with carrots and onions. Then throughout the winter, you and your loved ones will receive vitamins and the pleasure of a variety of foods.

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