• Making candles "Flower Bouquet"

    You will need
    • - flowers;
    • - food coloring;
    • - instant glue;
    • - glass container (with a diameter of not more than 5 cm);
    • - Wick white (from wax candles);
    • - gelatin;
    • - tannin;
    • - glycerin (instead of gelatin, tannin and glycerin, you can use a special ready-made gel for candles);
    Soak gelatin in cold water for 40 minutes at a ratio of 20: 5 (5 parts gelatin, 20 parts water) for swelling.
    Rinse thoroughly and wipe the glass. Prepare a flower arrangement. It is best to use flowers of the same size.
    Putting them in a small bouquet, place in a decorative glass, in order to make sure that the bouquet will look beautiful. After that, put a couple of drops of glue on the bottom of the glass and securely fix the flower arrangement. It is necessary to apply a sufficient amount of glue so that the bouquet will not float when the gel is infused.
    After fixing the flowers, fix the wick, placing it in the center of the glass, not dropping 2-3 cm to the bottom (for safety purposes). To do this, wind the wick around the pencil, securing it with a clothespin.Place the pencil on the neck of the glass across.
    Prepare the gel. Heat gelatin solution to completely dissolve gelatin. Then pour 25 parts of glycerin into it, stirring constantly. Simultaneously with this procedure, dissolve 2 parts of tannin in 10 parts of glycerin, heat a little and mix with gelatin solution.
    Bring the mixture to a boil and wait until the cloudy slurry disappears, which disappears with further boiling of the mixture. It is necessary to take into account that bubbles do not form, the gel should be mixed as little as possible and the temperature of the gel should not be heated above 120 � C. Since the oil component decomposes when overheated, the gel becomes cloudy and an unpleasant smell appears.
    Pour the gel into a jar with a spout to make it easier to pour, leaving a little to create a colored gel. Carefully pour the transparent gel into the glass, preferably along the wall, covering the floral composition completely, leaving 1 cm free to the edge. Set aside for 20-30 minutes to set.
    �Put the remaining gel on the stove and add 2 drops of liquid food coloring. Remove from the heat in a minute and pour the colored gel into the glass to the top.Leave it for 2 hours to fully set. Remove the clothespin with a pencil, trim the wick. Gel candles burn without smell, which allows you to use them in the design of a festive table.

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