• Make your home a green corner with a vertical garden system

    If you want to make a big green corner at home, but do not intend to sacrifice the space of the apartment, pay attention to the vertical garden. The wall-mounted modular system Plug & Plant, which is produced in Mexico, offers the opportunity to grow hanging gardens without using soil.

    Polyurethane-starch special foam provides the root systems with essential nutrients.

    The system is combined with a 20-liter tank, which provides the garden on the wall with timely watering.

    A specialized system equipped with several sensors independently regulates the flow of water, light and humidity in the room. She sends all the necessary information to the phone owner.

    All that is necessary to carry out the owner of the garden - timely add water to the tank.

    The rest of the system is almost autonomous.

    Through Android and IOS, you can enter information about the specific type of seeds that have been planted, and the garden will select the desired mode of care for their optimal growth.

    All excess moisture flows into a special tube and is reused.

    This system allows you to replenish water supplies no more than once a month.

    The hanging garden of Plug & Plant allows you to grow not only ornamental plant species, but also vegetables. Cherry tomatoes, chili peppers, strawberries, arugula and greens grow very well in this mode.

    You can purchase the required number of compartments and, if you wish, fill your entire house with gardens.

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